Choose a Name for Your Horse

Detail of a horse's name on it's saddle

Bethany Clarke / Getty Images

Horse names can be difficult to choose. Older horses often come with names. However, you may not like the horse's name, or sometimes you do not know what the horse's name is. A new foal will need a name. You will probably need a registered name and a stable name. Take a look at some ideas and resources for horse names. If all else fails, you can use online horse name generators, too.

Short Names

Short names often make the best stable names for everyday use. Short one or two-syllable names are easier to say and you are less likely to shorten them further. Before you decide, try the horse name out a few times. How does it feel calling across the pasture? Does the horse name that you have chosen sound funny with other words? Lots of horses are named Bo or Beau. But would it feel odd to say, "Whoa, Bo?" You do not want to create a tongue-twister.

Funny or Fitting Names

Of course, you can have fun with registered and show horse names. Make your name as fun, elegant, or descriptive as you like. Horse names like Legs, Tiny, Spots, or Beau describe the physical attributes of your horse. Names like Patience, Casanova, or Flirt may describe other characteristics. Does your horse have an unusual marking? That could inspire horse names like Valentine, Star, or Dot.

Registry Rules

If you are choosing a horse's registered name get all the details from the registry regarding the rules. Most registries do not allow duplicate names, so you may have to put together several and the registry will have the final choice.

Some breeds will require you to use part of the sire or dam's names; some will have to start with a particular letter. Most have a limit to the number of letters in a horse's name.

God and Goddess Names

You can look to ancient Greek, Indian, and Norse religions for horse names. Just search Google for mythological god and goddess names or search up Wikipedia's list of deities.

Famous and Fictional Horse Names

You cannot have Seabiscuit or Pegasus in your backyard, but why not a namesake? Look up the names of fictional horses and see if any of them are perfect for your horse!

 Pet Name Resources

Using Names in Other Languages

When looking for names you can look at other languages. While Star or Blaze are pretty names, they are also very common. Look up those names or other common names with Google Translator and see if you like what you hear.

Human Names

Lists of baby names can make great horse names too. There are a ton of internet resources for names of every origin. Baby Name Guide and Behind the Name are two good websites that list a lot of names of all different origins. Behind the name even lists the meaning behind them.