Christina Donnelly

Christie Donnelly
Here, Christie admires a waterfall in Ireland.

Christie is a writer, editor and animal lover who has worked in the digital industry for the last decade. She writes about health and wellness for her 9-to-5, but loves all things lifestyle, travel, food and pets, too. Christie's goal is to provide readers with the information they need to accomplish their goals–from following a diabetes-friendly diet, to designing a tabletop vignette, to learning questionably useful facts about goats. And maybe making readers chuckle a little bit, too.


Christie started her career as a digital editor at Nickelodeon (no, she was never slimed). Since then, she's created digital content on home decor, food, travel, parenting, pets, personal finance and health and wellness. She will never, ever use an Oxford comma in her writing.

Christina Donnelly

"All I want is to pet all of the dogs."

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