16 Classic Dog Names That Work for Any Dog

Timeless names for man's best friend

golden retriever running in a field


Maya Karkalicheva / Getty Images

Naming your four-legged friend is no simple task—you want the name to be meaningful, memorable, and easy for your pooch to learn. Here are 16 down-to-earth and classic names to consider for your dog.


A dog is man’s (and woman's) best friend, and no classic dog name sums that up better than Buddy. This versatile name can be used for any breed of dog and is a timeless name that will give your dog an identity while describing his role at the same time.


For a classic name for a girl dog, Lady is a time-tested favorite. Give your dog this feminine name and there will be little room for doubt on whether she is male or female. Made famous by the classic Lady and the Tramp movie, this dog name has been bestowed upon many cherished dogs over the years. Bonus: Get a boy dog and name him Tramp!


Lassie is a Scottish term for ‘young girl,’ but thanks to the classic TV series, it became synonymous with a collie that was always saving its young master from trouble. There are few canines as classic as Lassie, so choose this dog name if your pooch is dependable, smart, and maybe even heroic.


This classic dog name works whether your canine companion is a boy or girl. Often bestowed upon dark dogs or those with silvery coats, this name is a spunky choice.


If your pooch has a patch, speckle, or spot of any sort, give him a classic name to match his markings. Spot is one of those classic dog names that rolls off the tongue easily and won’t be hard to remember or easy to forget.


Take a cue from a favorite child’s nursery rhyme to name your pet. Bingo was the farmer’s dog but he can be your new best friend if you bestow this name upon him. It’s simple to spell: B-I-N-G-O, and Bingo was his name-o!


If serendipity brought your pooch into your life, Chance is a classic dog name that will tell the “tail” of how you met your new best friend.


Your dog will stick by your side and follow you everywhere, making Shadow a fitting classic dog name. Whether your dog is dark in color, like an actual shadow, or just your constant companion, this is a popular classic dog name.


An obvious choice for a brown dog, name your dog Brownie for a spot-on description of his look and an instant reminder of everyone’s favorite sweet treat.


Similar to Brownie, Cookie is a classic dog name inspired by our sweet tooth. Everyone loves a cookie, and they’ll love your puppy too. Whether your dog is big or small, Cookie is a cute name that will bring a smile to your face.


If your dog looks like a little bear, or is as cute as a stuffed teddy bear, then Teddy makes a perfect name. As one of the most classic stuffed toys of all time, teddy bears are known for being sweet and cuddly. Name your own living cuddle buddy Teddy for years of warm companionship.


A cheery flower that brings a smile to your face, Daisy is a bright, sweet name for a female dog or puppy. This classic dog name is the most popular flower name for dogs, but you could also consider other floral-inspired names like Lily, Poppy, or Rosy.


For a dog that is always on the move, name him Scooter. This classic dog name works for any type of dog, large and small, but definitely is a match for a pup with energy and plenty of "go" energy!


A classic dog name with a spark, literally. Sparky is a popular name for dogs that bring energy to a room—and sometimes a little mischief.


A classic dog name for a female dog, Gidget is a play on the words ‘girl’ and ‘midget.’ It works especially well for small, cute dogs with lots of personality.


If your dog is sweet like chocolate, or has the fur to match, then Cocoa is a classic dog name to consider. You’ll often see this name written as either ‘Cocoa’ or ‘Coco.’