16 Clever Ways to Hide the Litter Box

Black cat stepping into litter box located inside white cabinet with door open

The Spruce / Phoebe Cheong

There are several solutions to hide that unsightly pet accessory, the litter box. By making a hidden litter box enclosure, you can prevent unwanted litter, odor, and mess around the house and give your cats a private place to do their business. 

However, before you go and rock your cat's world by moving, changing or altering the litter box area, there are a few things to consider.

  • What are your cat's preferences? Every cat has them. Do they prefer a covered litter box or an open one?
  • How many cats do you have? Each cat needs its own box plus an extra one to decrease stress and anxiety. How often are you cleaning the boxes?
  • Have you ever had to use a portable restroom at an all day concert before? This is how some cats view enclosed cat boxes that are not cleaned. Yeah, they think it's gross, too.
  • Do you have a cat that has arthritis or a cat that is just tiny? Don't make them jump or have to climb to get to the litter box. That makes it really hard for them when they really have to go!

Okay, now that we have thought about a few things from our feline friend's perspective, let's get creative! Here are 16 clever, original DIY ways to conceal and contain your feline's litter box.

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    Add Trim Around the Cat Door

    cat door trim

    Domestically Creative

    This upcycled furniture project is modern, chic, clean, and perfectly suitable for a litter box. By using chalk paint and some strategic trim placement, Amanda from Domestically Creative was able to transform a dated laminate hutch into something much more suited for her home and cat. For all the details and a cute picture of her cat, William, check out her blog post.

    DIY Litter Box Cabinet from Domestically Creative

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    Put a Litter Box Inside a Large Basket

    basket litter box

    All the Little Details

    We agree with Hannah from All the Little Details when she says that litter boxes are an eyesore. When she started shopping for litter box enclosures, she didn't like any of the results coming up, so she opted to convert a large wicker basket instead. She liked the wicker chest idea because the enclosure feels airy and light, and the top door makes every-other-day cleaning easy. Visit her guide to learn how the cat door was added.

    Ikea Litter Box Hack from All the Little Details

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    Build a Mini Cat House Litter Cover

    mini cat house

    A Beautiful Mess

    This cat tutorial from A Beautiful Mess isn't just about function; it's about aesthetics as well. The genius behind the idea wanted to upgrade the look of a basic litter enclosure and make it feel more like a cherished piece of home decor. Do you think they succeeded? If so, head on over to the blog post to learn how to make one for yourself and your cat.

    Litter Box Cover DIY from A Beautiful Mess

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    Keep the Litter Cabinet Organized

    hidden litter box cabinet

    The Homebody House

    If you can find a cabinet with two doors and no drawers, you can make concealing a litter box a lot less cumbersome. Instead of needing to remove and convert any drawers, all you'll need to do is add a cat door. We love how Danae from The Homebody House organizes her litter storage area. She hung the litter pan on the inside of the cabinet door and stored other essentials on the top shelf.

    DIY Cat Litter Cabinet from The Homebody House

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    Paint a Pattern on a Basic Litter Box Cover

    patterned litter box cover

    Sugar & Cloth

    After renovating her home, the last thing Ashley from Sugar & Cloth wanted was her cat, Thomas to ruin all the upgrades with his litter habits. To combat the problem, she purchased a litter robot, which she talks about in detail, and then crafted a box to cover it up. She also suggests that there are covers available that you could paint if you didn't want to go through the trouble of making a box from scratch. Check out her blog to find out how you can make your own patterned cover.

    Patterned DIY Litter Box Cover from Sugar & Cloth

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    Remove Drawers and Install a Hinged Door

    hinged door litter box cover

    Recaptured Charm

    Giving a piece of furniture a makeover is one thing, but giving it an entirely new function is another. When you're searching for old furniture to repurpose for a cat cave, opt for pieces with a lot of interior space. Lisa from Recaptured Charm made this cabinet more suitable by removing two drawers and adding a hinged door. The larger door makes cleaning the litter box a much easier process. Find out how she did it, and how to do it yourself.

    Old Cabinet Makeover for Litter Box from Recaptured Charm

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    Install a Cat Door in Wardrobe Cabinet

    wardrobe cabinet hidden litter box

    House Tweaking

    The simplest way to hide a litter box is to look for furniture pieces you already have but might be underutilizing. Dana from House Tweaking decided to clean out the bottom shelf of a tall wardrobe cabinet and add a cat door to the side. When finding a cat door to work for this purpose, make sure it can be installed on a thin panel. For more details, read the rest of Dana's breakdown on her blog.

    DIY Hidden Litter Box from House Tweaking

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    Drape Fabric Around an End Table

    fabric hiding litter box

    Dimples and Tangles

    When attempting this project, make sure you pick an end table that can fit over the top of your existing litter box with ease. The more space you have, the less likely that litter is going to end up everywhere. Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles transformed this Morrocan-style accent table using black spray paint and some striped fabric. Find out how she adhered the fabric to the table by visiting her tutorial.

    Side Table to Hidden Litter Box from Dimples and Tangles

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    Add Curtains to a Console Table

    curtain console table litter box

    Saws on Skates

    If you are into woodworking, then this concealed litter box idea might be perfect for you. Scott from Saws on Skates made an unused console table virtually unrecognizable by building doors and curtain panels and salvaging only the butcher block top and legs. Check out the detailed tutorial for easy-to-follow furniture plans complete with diagrams.

    DIY Kitty Litter Cabinet from Saws on Skates

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    Build a Custom Kitty Litter Box

    custom-built litter box

    A Design Story

    Lindsay from A Design Story decided to build a custom litter box for her cat, Tebow. She originally had the litter box in the guest bathroom, but she quickly got tired of litter making its way into the bath and other hard-to-clean spots. By making a box, they were able to customize the size and contain all the litter inside. Get all the intel on how they did it on their blog.

    DIY Kitty Litter Box from A Design Story

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    Use the Inside of a Bench for Kitty Litter Storage

    hide a litter box in furniture

    Alewood Furniture Co

    This bench that doubles as a litter box started as a toy box from Ikea. After some shopping, Alewood Furniture Co realized it was cheaper to tweak the toy box than it was to buy a litter box enclosure of the same size. To convert the piece, they added an opening to the side that was large enough for their cat, Lola, and then sanded down the edges. Make it yours by checking out the website and learning more.

    DIY Cat Litter Box Furniture from Alewood Furniture Co

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    Convert a Bedroom Dresser into Litter Box Storage

    turn dresser into litter box

    Reality Daydream

    Bethany from Reality Daydream acquired this vintage dresser for next to nothing and wasn't sure what she was going to do with it. When some new kittens came into the family, she didn't hesitate to convert the find into a concealed litter box cabinet. Check out her step-by-step guide to find out how she converted a pair of drawers into a door.

    Little Dresser Turned Litter Dresser from Reality Daydream

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    Repurpose a Tote for a Larger Litter Box

    tote litter box

    Addicted 2 Decorating

    If your cat is an avid scratcher, you might be familiar with litter flinging behavior that causes litter inside a standard litter box to end up everywhere. Kristi from Addicted 2 Decorating has a cat that does exactly that, so she decided to repurpose a storage bin to create a litter box with high sides. The litter is contained and the new box fits inside a utility cabinet. Find out how to make it yourself by checking out her website.

    This Really Is a Post About a Cat Litter Box from Addicted 2 Decorating

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    Add Playful Decals Outside the Cat Door

    cat door decals

    Cuckoo 4 Design

    Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design created some clever cat decals for outside the litter box, and one of her customers used these decals on an incredible concealed cat litter box set up. The cat owners converted an Ikea cabinet into a cat's dream bathroom complete with fans and a motion sensor night light. We encourage you to read the post in its entirety. You will be blown away by the level of detail that went into this project.

    Amazing LItter Box Enclosure from Cuckoo 4 Design

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    Put the Cat Door on the Top of a Cabinet

    top-opening cabinet litter box

    Ikea Hackers

    Many cat owners opt for litter box enclosures that have top entry instead of entry on the side. One reason for this is that the top entry makes it less likely that litter will find its way outside the litter box. Andrea submitted this cat litter hack to Ikea Hackers and shows readers how she converted this cabinet into a concealed litter box for her small apartment. You have to see it for yourself.

    Another Cat Litter Solution from Ikea Hackers

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    Create a Cat Walk to Remove Excess Litter

    cat walk litter box


    Do you absolutely hate any sign of litter in your house? If so, extra precautions can be taken. By making a cat litter box that has two levels, you're better able to control the litter on your cat's paws. A mesh-like cat walk will collect excess litter as your cat makes your way outside of the litter box. Check out this step-by-step for all the details.

    Hidden Litter Box with De-littering Cat Walk from Instructables

  • How do I hide the litter box from my dog?

    There are a number of ways to keep your dog away from the cat's litter box. Easy fixes include using a covered litter box, placing the litter box in a high place your dog does not have access to, and keeping the box exceptionally clean. Another way is to keep the box inside a cabinet only the cat can access, or place it behind a pet gate so your dog doesn't have access.

  • How do I hide litter box smell?

    To get rid of litter box aroma, start by scooping daily. Make sure yours is in a well-ventilated area and add baking soda to the litter. Wash the box weekly with a vinegar and water solution, to tackle any odors.

  • Do cats like hidden litter boxes?

    Studies show that cats do not care if their litter box is covered or not.