Common Fish Names Beginning With J

Jack Dempsey - Rocio octofasciata
Jack Dempseys Felippe Seifert

Fish Names That Begin With J

  • Jack Dempsey - Cichlasoma octofasciatum: This fish is an aggressive carnivore and an avid digger. It lives in murky, warm, slow-moving waters and they like soft substrates with lots of places to hide so they can ambush their prey. Water quality in the tank is critical to these cichlids and they are susceptible to deteriorating water.
  • Jae Barb - Barbus jae: These fish are shy with a retiring nature; they can be easily intimidated by other larger tanks makes who compete with them for food (and win). Thus, they are not appropriate for most community aquaria but if you do choose to keep them, they should live with peaceful fish of the same size.
Jae barb (Enteromius jae) in nano aquarium
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  • Jaguar Catfish - Liosomadoras oncinus: The jaguar catfish is very territorial and it does not form schools. You can keep several Jaguar catfishes together if you have a large aquarium, but it needs to be divided up into several territories. The Jaguar catfish also requires lots of hiding spots -- try driftwood and pieces of PVC pipe.
  • The jaguar catfish make strange sounds at night, which may sound like two ships meeting in the night, but it's actually the fish establishing their territories. Rivals will rotate the spines of their pectoral fins which create a sound like a tuba or a foghorn.
  • Jaguar Cichlid - Cichlasoma managuense: The Jaguar cichlid is a large fish that is semi-aggressive and is popular with fishkeeper that is more experienced. Its patterns change as it ages and it doesn't show its beautiful, permanent markings until it's fully mature. Younger Jaguars have prominent vertical black bars, the adults lose those and sport their iconic "Jaguar" patterning.
  • Janssens' Barb - Barbus janssensi: Janssens' Barb is a small, thin fish with an orange-red color. It features two black markings on either side of its flanks. It's an active, shoaling fish that needs to be kept in groups of five or more.
  • Jau Catfish - Paulicea lutkeni: This monster size fish can grow up to 200 pounds. It has dark skin that's marbled and mottled, and what it lacks in beauty, it makes up for with the strength and stamina of a wrestler.
  • Jelly Bean Tetra - Ladigesia roloffi: While this is a peaceful species that get along well with tank mates, it's not an ideal addition to a community aquarium because it's small and has special requirements.
  • Jewel Cichlid - Hemichromis bimaculatus: The Jewel Cichlid cichlid is both a beauty and a beast: it's known for its gorgeous coloring as well as its aggressiveness. It's particularly aggressive if it is kept with guppies and danio.
Aquarium fishes, Jewel cichlid (Hemichromis bimaculatus )
DEA / C. DANI / Getty Images
  • Johanni Mbuna - Melanochromis johanni: The Electric Blue Johanni is a gorgeous fish: The male has a stunning blue body with darker blue stripes which creates a checkerboard pattern. Females and juveniles are bright yellow-orange. This fish is moderately hard to care for and best suited to advanced fish keepers.

More Fish Names That Begin With the Letter J

  • Jordan's Catfish - Arius seemani
  • Julii Corydoras - Corydoras julii
  • Jumping Characin - Copella arnoldi

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