Common Fish Names Beginning With Y

Yellow Lab fish
 jmatz/wikipedia commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Here's a list of fish, from the striking yellow regal peacock cichlid to the shy yellow kribensis, that begin with the letter "Y."

Fish Names That Begin With "Y"

Yellow Banded Moenkhausia

Scientific name: Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae

This community fish is a rambunctious, active swimmer best kept in a group of at least five, but it doesn't live well with more shy species. It also may nip fish with longer fins. This breed enjoys a planted tank with lots of places to dart and hide. The yellow band on the base of the caudal fin gives the fish its name. It's also known as the "red-eye tetra" for its bright red spot on its upper eye.

Yellow Julie

Scientific name: Julidochromis ornatus

This is one of the most common Julidochromis species, called “Julies” among hobbyists. They're a territorial fish but can live well in a pair along with other small to medium Tanganyikan cichlids living in different areas of the tank. A large aquarium is necessary if you keep several Julies.

Yellow King Piranha

Scientific name: Serrasalmus ternetzi

Keep the yellow king piranha in groups with a larger aquarium that has a smooth substrate on the bottom. They'll enjoy a few rocks or roots or rocks; plants aren't necessary and you can decorate the rest of the aquarium as you choose.

Yellow Kribensis

Scientific name: Pelvicachromis humilis

The yellow Kribensis is a rare species kept among fish hobbyists. This fish tends to be very shy and needs sufficient hiding places (as well as spawning areas) for them to be comfortable. Use clay pots, roots, caves, and pieces of driftwood. Plants aren't necessary but they'll enjoy the extra cover they provide. The yellow Kribensis digs pits when breeding, so use a fine gravel or sand substrate.

Yellow Lab

Scientific name: Labidochromis caeruleus

The yellow lab is always in high demand as it's one of the most popular cichlids among hobbyists. It sports a striking bright yellow color and a peaceful personality which makes it a great tank mate for hundreds of other cichlids. The yellow lab is a mouthbrooder; the female lays eggs on the surface of rocks and then scoops them into her mouth; they brood there for 18 days before she releases them.

Yellow Regal Peacock Cichlid

Scientific name: Aulonocara baenschi

The peacocks are one of the most eye-catching and gorgeous cichlids, which is how it earned its name. Males have a bold yellowish orange color with iridescent blue around their mouth. Females, however, are colorless. This fish eats invertebrates that live in the sand. It hovers motionless over the bottom of the tank and can sense micro-movements in the substrate. When it locates a target, it dives into the sand and sifts it by shooting the sand out its gills until it locates its meal.

Yellow-Finned Xenotilapia

Scientific name: Xenotilapia flavipinnis

This gentle and docile species doesn't live well with more cantankerous or vigorous fish. Keep it in a group of six to ten fish, as it's friendly and outgoing not spawning. When they do split off to spawn, though, they become much more territorial.

More Fish That Begin With the Letter "Y" and Their Scientific Names

  • Yellow-Tailed Congo Tetra - Hemigrammopetersius caudalis
  • Yellow-Tailed Violet Cichlid - Gephyrochromis moorii
  • Yellow-Tetra - Hyphessobrycon bifasciatus
  • Yo-Yo Loach - Botia lohachata