Crystal Duan


Crystal Duan is a freelance writer with a passion for small pets. She's currently based in Los Angeles.

Crystal was trained as a journalist and has been featured in The Washington Post, Bustle, and The Minneapolis Star Tribune, among other publications. She began writing for The Spruce Pets in 2021.


  • Crystal received her journalistic education at the Missouri School of Journalism, where she gained the skills to launch her career as a regular writer at and as a political reporter.
  • Crystal has covered high-impact news event and received the Associated Collegiate Press award for her work covering student parents.
  • She is now a business owner and freelance writer with a passion for telling the stories of pet owners whose lives are enriched by their small pets.


Crystal has written for various newspapers, including The Indianapolis Star and The Minneapolis Star Tribune. She is also a freelancer for The Washington Post Talent Network.

Her experience after graduation includes working at The Santa Clarita Valley Signal covering California’s highly contested 25th Congressional District race, which flipped the district blue.

She won the Associated Collegiate Press award for reporting on student parents as a college freshman, helped cover 300-person towns in North Dakota, camped out in rural Minnesota for hours reporting on a developing standoff on a farm, sat in on a 39-hour Missouri Senate filibuster, and more.

Despite occasionally missing her days as a political reporter, Crystal has found an affinity for writing lifestyle content and specifically enjoys writing about pets and pet owners.


Crystal graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism in 2017 with a Bachelor's in Investigative Reporting. She interned at various city publications in five different states before moving to Los Angeles in 2018.

Education: University of Missouri-Columbia
Location: Los Angeles, California

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