10 Cute Bulldogs and Facts That Will Win Your Heart

Puppies, Full-Size Adults, and All the Cuteness

cute bulldogs

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Bulldogs vary in color, size, and temperament but are generally very happy and easygoing. With proper training, they make excellent family pets because they get along with everyone and everything. Bulldogs have a whole lot of love to give. These moderately active dogs boast a quintessentially stocky build with wrinkled skin, and their coats are super soft. Want more reasons to love bulldogs? These cute faces should tell you all you need to know.

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    Bulldogs Are Adorable

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    American Bulldogs are gentle giants that can weigh up to 120 pounds when fully grown. Even then, they like to think that they're lapdogs. These soft-coated dogs have big heads and strong jaws that, when combined with their unwavering loyalty, make them top-notch watchdogs.

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    You Can Call French Bulldogs "Frenchies"

    Grey French bulldog
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    Once bred to be miniature versions of bulldogs, Frenchies are significantly smaller than other bulldog breeds. They weigh less than 30 pounds, but they make up for their small size with unabashedly bold character. They don’t need very much exercise and can develop breathing problems if exerted in hot weather. One of America's most popular small dog breeds, French Bulldogs are quiet but alert, making them almost as effective as their American and English watchdog cousins.

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    Bulldogs Make Great Mascots

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    English Bulldogs are a national symbol of England, probably thanks to their strong and loyal personalities. They were originally bred as working farm dogs and were used in grisly bull-baiting events (this violent “sport” was banned in 1835). Today, their tough appearance has earned them mascot status at California State University, Yale, and the University of Georgia.

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    Some Bulldogs Love Exercise

    Bulldog resting in shade
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    American bulldogs have a muscular build and love showing it off on long walks. Despite their big build, they’re surprisingly agile. Regular exercise will help them maintain a healthy weight. Make regular walking, hiking, or running a habit. Exercising your bulldog will keep its muscles and heart strong, increasing its lifespan while preventing problems such as hip dysplasia and heart disease.

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    Others Need Their Naps

    Sleeping bulldog
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    Bulldogs are happy, family-loving dogs that can be content to sleep the day away if everyone is feeling lazy. Some bulldogs will sleep for 12 to 14 hours in 24 hours and must be encouraged to get up and engage in a bit of daily exercise.

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    Frenchies Are Part of the Family

    Bulldog swimming in pool
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    Frenchies always have their "bat ears " perked up, and they're attentive to what's going on with their families. They're ready to do whatever everyone else is doing. French bulldogs have a long history as companion dogs because of their loving, playful, and calm nature–they won't mind spending the day poolside with you.

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    Bulldogs Are Good Sports

    Birthday bulldog
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    The easygoing personality of the American bulldog makes this dog pretty great at putting up with human shenanigans. Your bulldog will likely allow you to dress it up in a Halloween costume and birthday crown every year. Just don't be surprised if your photos capture big, wide puppy-dog eyes asking for a little mercy.

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    Loyalty Is a Bulldog's Best Quality

    Owner with bulldog
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    "Man’s best friend" is exactly what bulldogs strive to be. American bulldogs are fiercely loyal and love their owners to no end. They are exceptionally affectionate but can get territorial and suspicious of strangers. They'll socialize easily with everyone once proper training is enforced. There’s no doubt about it; bulldogs love their humans.

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    English Bulldogs Make Perfect Pals

    Brown and white bulldog puppy
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    English bulldogs are smaller than their American counterparts, typically weighing about 50 pounds with a stocky build. These dynamic dogs are enthusiastic companions and eager to please, offering as much loyalty as their big cousins and the protective instinct to prove it.

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    Bulldogs Can Be Bribed

    Cute bulldog in woods
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    Even though bulldogs can be a bit "bullheaded," they can be trained to be obedient—especially with treats. Stubbornness may just be a sign of intelligence since bulldogs seem well aware that they can wait out their owners. Once you have a treat in hand, your dog will likely learn and obey your every command.

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