15 Cute Female Dog Names

Sweet Dog Name's for Your Best Furry Friend

A dog wearing a pink bow.

paula sierra / Moment / Getty Images

When it comes to naming your new female puppy or dog, the pressure's on! Not only do you have to choose a name that captures her personality and is easy for her to learn and understand, but the entire family has to agree upon it, too—which is probably the trickiest part of all.

Here's our advice: Consider names with one or two syllables and hard consonants, which will make it easier for your dog to hear and understand; avoid names that sound like commands, such as "sit" and "Kit"; and don't give your dog a name that sounds like a family member's, like Jack and Jax.

Still pondering the perfect moniker for your pooch? Check out these cute female dog names that are sure to suit any dog—and keep all the family members happy, too.


Even if your dog leans more towards the wild Annie Oakley than the sweet Little Orphan Annie—or vice versa—this traditional name works for all kinds of dogs, big and small, with a wide range of personalities.


Meaning "beautiful" in Italian, Bella is the perfect name for an elegant, ladylike, and totally refined pooch. Or, at least, that's what you can tell yourself when your Bella is covered in mud or throwing up on the carpet.


Why not combine your two favorite things—doggies and chocolate—and name your dog Coco? (Just be sure to keep the dog Coco away from the real cocoa.) Whether you choose to spell it Coco or Cocoa, this much loved dog name is super sweet.


If your dog is a happy, cheery girl, what better flower to represent her than a sunny Daisy? This floral-themed moniker ranks in the American Kennel Club's top 10 female dog names, so if you want to go off the beaten path a bit, consider other flowery names, like Lilly or Rose.


The quintessential classic name for a female dog, Lady has been a popular pick for generations. We say, go all out and let your Lady accessorize with an ultra-feminine, pink collar or bandana!


Whether you're throwing it back to the classic television sitcom I Love Lucy or paying homage to your favorite female warrior (hello, Lucy Lawless as Xena: Warrior Princess), there's a lot to love about a Lucy.


Nope, this name isn't just for famous mice—it's one of the American Kennel Club's top female dog names, too. It works as a painfully obvious descriptive name for a tiny dog or—if you're into irony—a funny moniker for a bigger dog.


The clear choice for a brown-colored dog—or just an extremely energetic pooch—Mocha is an interesting alternative to more popular, food-y names, like Cocoa or Cookie. Plus, who doesn't want a constant reminder of a delicious mocha coffee running around their house?


Molly was your favorite American Girl doll and your favorite movie was 16 Candles, so it only makes sense to name your beloved dog Molly, too. An English nickname for Mary (fun fact, right?), Molly has consistently landed in the American Kennel Club's top 10 female dog names.


For the dog that's as cute as a peanut or the dog with a borderline unhealthy obsession with peanut butter—or both!—this classic, yet unique moniker might be the perfect pick. Bonus points if she's peanut butter-colored.


Another totally classic name for a female dog, you might think Princess is perfect for a sweet, refined, ladylike dog. In reality, Princess works for any dog because they all act—and get treated like—princesses.


Want to give your dog a royal name without straight up naming her after a member of the court? Consider Sadie. It's a common nickname for Sarah, which means "princess" in Hebrew.


Literature is always an awesome source for pet names and the classic novel To Kill a Mocking Bird is no different. Why not channel your inner-Atticus Finch and name your pooch Scout? You'll get to brag about how intellectual your dog's name is and she'll look extra adorable in a Girl Scout-esque bandana.


Do you know the origin of the nickname Winnie? Nope, it's not the beloved bear—Winnie is a nickname for the classic moniker Gwendolyn. Conjures up images of medieval ladies in gowns, rather than pants-less animated characters, right?


Two syllables? Check. Hard consonants? Check. Very adorable? Check. Zoe may not be a classic dog name, but it checks all the boxes for ease of learning and cuteness. Plus, it's totally unique. How many Zoes have you met at the dog park lately?