The 25 Cutest Cats You Can Follow Online

Smoothie the Cat


It’s a well-established fact that cats rule the internet, so it makes perfect sense that you can now keep up with the cat napping, box-sitting antics of some of your favorite felines on their very own social media pages.


If Your Cat Could Text, They Would Say This

Some of these pages are really popular, and the fact that cats like these have amassed such huge followings is pretty impressive, especially considering that cats have neither the ability to take a photograph (darn non-opposable thumbs!) nor any idea what the internet even is. So which adorable cats are worthy of your “like?” If you're a cat-lover, the answer may be "All of them!", but we rounded up some of the cutest felines on the internet. Scroll through to find out which cat Insta you should be following ASAP.

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    The Cutest Cats on the Internet

    Smoothie the Cat
    Instagram @smoothiethecat
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    Higgins the Cat

    Higgins the Cat
    Instagram @higginsthecat

    Higgins is a British Blue who hails from New Zealand. His 8,759 Instagram fans enjoy almost daily photos of Higgins’ gorgeous silver-gray coat and startlingly wide orange eyes. Higgins does what you’d expect a cat to do, including take naps, sit inside boxes, eat treats, and oh heck, let’s throw in a few more naps in there, for good measure.

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    Grumpy Cat

    Grumpy Cat
    Facebook @TheOfficialGrumpyCat

    Few felines are more famous than Grumpy Cat, nee Tardar Sauce, whose meteoric rise to stardom began in 2012 with a simple photo uploaded to Reddit. The internet fell in love with Grumpy Cat’s natural under bite, a genetic condition that gives the cat her trademark frowny face. Grumpy also has feline dwarfism, so she will never get any bigger and will always be a fluffy little bundle of negativity. Aw.

    Once Grumpy Cat’s star started to shine, Hollywood came knocking.  She was soon booked on television shows worldwide, and in 2014 she starred in a movie, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Actress Aubrey Plaza lent her voice to America’s favorite pessimistic pussy cat.  To date, Grumpy Cat is still cranking out merchandise, memes, books, and calendars on her many social media outlets. She currently has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram and an astounding 8.7 million fans on Facebook.

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    Hobbes the Ginger Cat

    Hobbes the Ginger Cat
    Instagram @hobbeskitty

    Hobbes is just your average cat, as long as your average cat has over 33,000 followers on Instagram. Hobbes has no official claim to fame; he’s just really, really ridiculously good looking. Those green eyes! The double paws! The fuzzy orange mane! Oh, and did we mention he’s really big? 10/10 would cuddle.

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    Samson, A.K.A. Catstradamus

    Samson, A.K.A. Catstradamus
    Instagram @catstradamus

    Speaking of huge kitties, have you met the “largest cat in New York City?”  Samson, otherwise known as Catstradamus, has been featured in the New York Post and has made television appearances due to his massive size and all-around good looks. He’s a purebred Maine Coon Cat, the world’s largest breed, and he’s an astonishing 4 feet long from nose to tail and weighs 28 pounds. He’s basically a toddler-sized cat, and there are plenty of pictures of mere humans struggling to pick him up on his popular Instagram page to prove how large he really is.  He’s not fat, though; he’s fluffy, a distinction his owner is quick to make.

    So far 102,000 people have followed Samson on Instagram, and his popularity continues to rise.

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    Albert Baby Cat

    Albert Baby Cat, Munchkin Cat
    Instagram @albertbabycat

    Did someone say “GORGEOUS?” Albert Baby Cat is a munchkin cat, which means he will never grow any bigger than he is right now. His 407,000 Instagram followers are often treated to funny fashion shows starring this short-legged little guy, and whatever he wears, he wears it well.

    Yes, that’s another way of saying that Albert Baby Cat’s owner likes to dress him up in cute little outfits. Prepare to swoon.

    Follow Albert Baby Cat on Instagram

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    White Coffee Cat, A.K.A Coffee

    White Coffee Cat
    Instagram @white_coffee_cat_

    White Coffee Cat, also known as just “Coffee,” is so darn cute that he looks like he might actually be a stuffed animal posing as a real cat. Yet Coffee is 100% real, and his huge blue eyes and snow white coat have earned him a huge following online. He currently has 353,000 fans following his every move on Facebook, and an additional 1.2 million on Instagram.

    Sadly, Coffee was diagnosed with lymphoma in April of 2016, but he is fighting the cancer hard and we’re hopeful that he will make a full recovery.

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    Instagram @nala_cat

    Now that you’ve met White Coffee Cat, meet her much more famous sister-cat! Nala is a six year-old Siamese and tabby mix who was adopted from an animal shelter as a kitten.  Since her humble start in life, Nala has gone on to become one of the most recognizable cats on the internet, with over 3 million followers on Instagram and 2.4 million on Facebook. Nala’s slightly-crossed, bright blue eyes give her a certain derpy quality that is a big hit online!

    There’s a lot of Nala merchandise available in her store, and the proceeds of all sales are currently going towards cancer treatments for her sister Coffee.

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    Olive and Rye

    Olive and Rye
    Instagram @oliveandrye

    Olive and Rye are two rescued tortoise shell kitties who work for their human as models. Laura Kicey makes cat-themed portrait art, and her two cats are the faces of her brand.  On their dedicated Instagram page, Olive and Rye entertain their 93,000 followers with cute and creative pictures, videos, and even some of their mom’s art work.

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    Venus the Two-Faced Cat

    Venus the Two-Faced Cat
    Instagram @venustwofacecat

    Venus is a very unique kitty, and a very famous one, too. When the internet got a look at her strange but beautiful face, which appears to be split in half, everyone was pretty convinced that it had to be Photoshop in action. Not so! Even Snopes has weighed in on Venus’s markings, deciding that her markings are a result of a rare genetic disorder similar to Chimera.

    Venus’s face looks like two cats in one, with one side black with a green eye, and the other side orange tabby with a blue eye. The result is a face that her 1.1 million Instagram followers and 1.3 million Facebook fans adore.

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    Just Mango Brown

    Just Mango Brown
    Instagram @justmangobrown

    Mango Brown is a gorgeous Bengal cat who loves to talk! Click on any of the videos on his Instagram page and listen to him seem to listen and respond to his human. His human posts lots of videos of Mango doing Mango stuff like chewing on things, jumping around like crazy, and being just plain exotic AF.  Join his 101,000 fans on Instagram to get frequent Mango updates. 

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    Smoothie the Cat

    Smoothie the Cat
    Instagram @smoothiethecat

    Okay, is this or is this not the most beautiful cat in the entire world? I’ll wait until you stop SQUEE-ing.

    Better? Don’t worry; your reaction is totally normal. More than 587,000 Instagram followers agree that Smoothie the Cat, a female British longhair, is simply breathtaking. She just can NOT take a bad picture! Her owner maintains that she is, in fact, “the Most Photogenic Cat in the World.”

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    Princess Cheeto

    Princess Cheeto
    Instagram @princesscheeto

    If you like your cat pictures with a serious side of quirk, you have to join the 91,400 Instagram users who enjoy Princess Cheeto’s off-beat photostream. Many of these pictures feature Princess Cheeto, a largely bewildered-looking black and white rescue kitty, posing with strange stuff of her head. On National Guacamole Day, for instance, Princess Cheeto rocked a dish of guac balanced on her furry little head. Now that’s talent!

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    Mr. Fuzzypants

    Mr. Fuzzypants
    Instagram @mrfuzzypants

    Mr. Fuzzypants here recently went from being just another famous cat online to being a bona fide movie star! This cat was the star of the 2016 movie Nine Lives. His costars were none other than Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, and Christopher Walken. He’s also got 20,000 Instagram followers. Not too shabby for a former shelter cat!

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    Hamilton the Hipster Cat

    Hamilton the Hipster Cat
    Instagram @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

    No, your eyes do not deceive you; this cat is rocking a serious ‘stache! Hamilton the Hipster Cat made waves online when people got a look at his kickin’ mustache, and he has since gone on to entertain more than 586,000 Instagram fans and 118,000 Facebook fans. He also landed a supporting spot alongside Mr. Fuzzypants in the Nine Lives movie.

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    Max the Cat

    Max the Cat
    Instagram @max_maxthecat

    Max and his many siblings are not only big time social media kings, Max is also “spokescat” for the ‘adopt, don’t shop’ movement. Max was adopted himself, you see, so he’s just doing his part to get the word out about pet adoption to his 96,200 Instagram followers. Good job, Max!

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    Winston Smushface

    Winston Smushface
    Instagram @winstonsmushface

    Take one look at this flat-faced Persian cat and you will have no problem understanding why 19,600 people follow him on Instagram. He’s hilariously goofy, and his penchant for lounging around with his tongue sticking out is well-documented and provides almost daily laughs.  Don’t worry, Winston; we’re laughing with you, not at you. Mostly.

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    Lil Bub

    Lil Bub
    Instagram @iamlilbub

    Few cats are more famous online than Lil Bub! Lil Bub started life as the runt of a feral litter. After being placed in a shelter in Indiana, vets discovered that she has a host of genetic conditions that contribute to her dwarfism, bulging eyes, and dangling tongue. Thankfully, she was adopted by the perfect family who appreciated her very unique appearance and sweet personality. With almost 3 million Facebook fans, 75,000 Twitter fans, and 1.42 million Instagram followers, it’s clear that the entire world loves Lil Bub.

    In addition to her active social media presence, Lil Bub is a published author, a talk show host, a movie star, and has helped raise well over $300,000 for animals in need.

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    YouTube @mugumogu

    No list of famous cats would be complete without mentioning Maru, a Scottish Fold cat who has been the reigning queen of YouTube for many years. Maru’s human is a Japanese guy called mugumogu, and together they create cute and inexplicably popular videos of Maru doing cat-like things around the house. Her main occupation, aside from sleeping, is getting in and out of boxes. That’s a kind of weird hobby when I do it, but when Maru does it, it’s adorable.

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    Jarvis P. Weasley

    Jarvis P. Weasley
    Instagram @jarvispweasley

    Jarvis P. Weasley, named thusly because of his red hair, no doubt, is a California kitty currently residing in Austin, TX. You may have noticed that Jarvis, or “The Weez,” as his humans call him, has a condition that makes his eyes appear crossed. Don’t worry; he’s not bothered one bit by his appearance. Since his cute face has earned him over 12,000 Instagram fans, something tells us he’s okay with standing apart from the crowd.

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    Oskar and Klaus

    Oskar and Klaus
    Facebook @BlindOskar

    Oskar was born blind and adopted by some very kind humans. He quickly bonded with his feline sibling, an orange tabby called Klaus. In 2011, Oskar’s owners uploaded a video of the blind cat playing with the stream of air coming out of a hair dryer, and the rest is internet history! The video went viral and has been viewed over 3.4 million times.  Since then, Oskar and Klaus have been featured on television programs around the world, and they’re dedicated to helping other shelter cats find their forever homes.

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    Sam Has Eyebrows

    Sam Has Eyebrows
    Instagram @samhaseyebrows

    What can we say about Sam? He’s got eyebrows, and no, they’re not drawn on by a Sharpie! (We checked.)  Sam’s permanently worried facial expression comes courtesy of two perfectly angled black markings over his eyes. His 207,000 Instagram followers enjoy seeing pictures of this unique guy lounging around his house, getting into trouble, and through it all, keeping those eyebrows completely on fleek.

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    Snoopy Babe

    Snoopy Babe
    Instagram @snoopybabe

    Snoopy Babe here is giving Smoothie the Cat a run for her money in the “Prettiest Cat on the Internet” race!  Snoopy Babe is an Exotic Shorthair who lives in Chengdu, Sichuan (China). She has over 348,000 Instagram followers, her own Tumblr blog, and is clearly poised to take over the world very soon. You’ve been warned, other cats! 

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    Pudge the Cat

    Pudge the Cat
    Instagram @pudgethecat

    Pudge is an exotic shorthair tortoise shell kitty with a massive social media presence! This Minneapolis-based cat has 632,000 Instagram followers, 21,000 fans on YouTube, almost 10,000 fans on Twitter, and 360,000+ fans on Facebook. And that’s not even mentioning Pudge’s Vine account or her IMDB listing. Yep, she’s a movie star too.

    Reminder: We can’t be jealous of a cat. That’s just sad.

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    Henri Le Chat Noir

    Henri Le Chat Noir
    Facebook @henrilechatnoir

    Henri is just your standard, everyday tuxedo cat… who just happens to be in the midst of an existential crisis that would make Camus proud. Henri became famous after his human created a video called Henri, Le Chat Noir for a film class. He has since gone on to make more short films, a book, and other media featuring his famously morose feline. Henri shares his angst with his 180,000 Facebook fans and his 35,000 Twitter followers… but we’re sure these fans bring him no real joy.

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    Facebook @sockington

    Socks, or Sockington, was just another cat living on the streets of Boston when a kindly human rescued him outside of a T (subway) stop.  Before long, Sockington started micro-blogging on Twitter, and what do you know? He’s actually really funny! Be warned, however; his grammar and spelling leave a lot to be desired. You’d really expect more from a former street cat, ya’ know?  At any rate, his 1.37 million Twitter fans don’t seem to mind, nor do the 350,000 people who like his Facebook page. 

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