Daily Double Automatic Fish Feeder Product Review

Daily Double Feeder
Daily Double Feeder. Photo by PriceGrabber

The Daily Double Automatic Fish Feeder is a bare-bones automatic fish feeder. This auto-feeder will dispense either flakes or pellets 2 times per day. Installation on an aquarium is simple and easy to do. There is no moisture control on this feeder, but this shouldn't be an issue under normal (low humidity) conditions.

The Bottom Line

This is an inexpensive, easy to operate, battery operated automatic feeder. It will feed twice per day from the large capacity drum.


  • The easy-to-fill, large feed drum will hold up to 2 weeks supply of flake or pellet food.
  • Free standing or clamp mounted.
  • Simple set up and operation. Just fill the drum with food, install the 2 AA batteries and it is ready to go.


  • The┬áDaily Double Automatic Fish Feeder has limited programming flexibility. The feeder will dispense either flake or pellet (1/8 inch or smaller) (or a combination of) food twice per day, at 12-hour intervals. The twelve hours begins once you insert the batteries and can only be changed by removing the batteries and starting over, again.
  • There is the potential for battery failure while in use. However, under normal use, good quality batteries will last up to 6 months before needing replacement.
  • One disadvantage of this automatic feeder is that there is no moisture control to prevent food spoilage. If you are in an area with high humidity it is recommended that only smaller amounts of food be placed in the feeder so that it is consumed in a shorter period of time.


  • This large capacity automatic feeder holds up to two weeks supply of flake food.
  • This automatic feeder dispenses a set (adjustable) amount of finely crushed flake (or up to 1/8 inch pellet) food twice per day for up to 4 weeks.
  • Portable and battery operated, this feeder will fit n almost any tank, no matter how small.
  • Simple to operate. Just fill it up with finely crushed flake (or 1/8 inch pellet) food, turn it on and go.

Guide Review - Daily Double Automatic Fish Feeder

The Daily Double Automatic Fish Feeder, manufactured by Penn Plax, is a simple to operate auto feeder. Battery powered, so you do have to be concerned about battery failure while in use, but you don't have to try to find another electrical outlet near your tank. There is no flexibility in feeding frequency. It feeds twice per day for up to 4 weeks. If you are looking for a bare-bones, no-frills automatic feeder that is almost foolproof, this might be the feeder for you.

The Penn Plax Daily Double Plus Vacation Fish Feeder offers a second food drum for feeding an additional week.