Description, Action and Uses of an English D-Ring Snaffle

D-ring snaffle
A D-ring snaffle with a jointed mouthpiece. Montanabw / Wikimedia Commons

Appearance of the D-Ring Snaffle Bit:

The D-ring or Dee Ring snaffle is so named for the D-shaped rings. This bit has a jointed mouthpiece. This is a pony sized bit.

Uses of the D-Ring Snaffle Bit:

This bit is commonly used for English riding, starting horses that will be ridden western and race horses.

How it Works:

The straight bars on the Ds help prevent the bit from pulling through the mouth. The jointed mouthpiece has a nutcracker effect on the bars, tongue and palate of the horse's mouth. This bit is very similar in function to a jointed full cheek snaffle.