Basic Dog Training Tips

When you first bring your dog home, you’ll want to work on “sit,” “come,” and more basic commands. Our experts are here to help you both get it all down.

Young woman training her dog
Do-It-Yourself Dog Training Program
using clicker training on a Samoyed
Use These Tips to Clicker Train Your Dog
Dog looking fearful
Use These 12 Tips to Prevent Fear Aggression in Dogs
Young woman with her jack russell terrier puppy.
How to Train Your Dog to Be Kid Friendly
Cute tricolor Jack Russell Terrier puppies playing and biting
How to Train Your Puppy Not to Bite Hard
dog lifting leg to urinate on grass
How to Potty Train Your Dog to Go in One Spot
Pug smiling on back while getting tummy pet in grass.
Why Dogs Like Being Pet—Plus How to Safely Pet an Unfamiliar Dog
Here you go human, you can have my paw
Our Top 10 Puppy Training Tips
Dog in life jacket standing on boat in front of tree-covered mountain.
12 Tips for Safely Taking Your Dog Boating
Happy Young half Asian Korean boy laying and playing face to face in the green grass with his boy's best friend golden retreiver puppy girl in the front yard of his grandparents house
Learn How to Decipher Your Dog's Language
A young woman teaches her young Bernese Mountain Dog how to sit while in a forest.
Top 10 Basic Dog Training Commands
dogs playing at dog park
Things to Know Before Going to the Dog Park
Woman showing warning pointer finger to her dog
This Is How to Train Your Deaf Dog
Owner walking her dog on a path
Make Walking Your Dog a Joy for Both of You
Training a Chocolate Labrador Retriever
How to Train Your Labrador Retriever
a woman teaching an Australian shepherd to play dead
Training Tips for Teaching Your Dog to Play Dead
Terrier puppy with tennis ball
How to Teach a Dog to Play
Bikes and dogs
How to Ride a Bicycle With Your Dog
Female dog walker walking dogs at dog park
When Is It Okay to Let Your Dog off the Leash?
Smart Puppy Looking at Owner
Are You Guilty of These Dog Training Mistakes?
rottweiler in its crate
How to Crate Train Your Dog
dog shaking
Why Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Works
Female patient hugging a therapy dog in a hospital
Can My Puppy Be a Therapy Dog? What Training Is Involved?
A young woman teaches her young Bernese Mountain Dog how to sit
Must-Have Dog Training Supplies
person training a Boston Terrier
Training Small Dogs: What You Need to Know
Woman grooming dog
Train a Dog to Accept Grooming and Vet Exams
Kitten and puppy snuggling together
How to Train Your Puppy to Stop Chasing Cats
A Boston Terrier in its dog bed
Training Your Dog to Go to Its Place
Large dog snuggling with baby
Tips for Introducing Your Dog and Baby
Toddler child with his dog
Preventing Problems Between Your Dog and Toddler
Couple in room with pet dogs
Manage Your Multi-Dog Home Masterfully
A dog (miniature pinscher) wearing a blue sweater sits patiently in crate with bedding.
This Is How to Get Your Dog to Go in the Crate on Cue
Senior couple and granddaughter walking dogs, Norfolk, UK
How Your Dog Can Become a Canine Good Citizen
Yellow Labrador digging on beach
Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?
Begging beagle at the dinner table
Learn How to Train Your Dog to Stop Begging
Beagles and their owners line up for the judges on the last day of Crufts 2008
Becoming a Show Dog: Getting Started with Requirements for Beginners
Two Dogs Playing In The Snow
Learn How to Train Your Dog to Be Social and Why It Benefits Them
An adult Shari Pei dog
How to House Train an Adult Dog
Woman playing with dog in park
6 Ways to Keep Your Dog as Happy as Can Be
Studio Portrait of Smiling Young Woman Holding an Affectionate French Bulldog Puppy
Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears?
Woman feeding a puppy a treat in a park
The Right Way to Use Dog Training Sessions
Woman showing warning finger to her dog outdoor
How to Train Your Dog Using Hand Signals
Girl outdoors on skateboard with her dog
How to Teach Your Dog to Handle Kids
person playing tug of war with a dog
The Best Way to Play Tug of War With Your Dog
San Francisco, Golden Gate Park
How to Get Your Dog Used to a Leash
girl training dog to shake hands
The Difference Between Dog Training and Behavior Management
Dog Training
Tips for Clicker Training Your Dog
Woman playing with her dog outdoor
Train Your Dog to Heel With These Expert Tips
a Golden Retriever and a Border Collie
How to Introduce Your Dog to a New Dog
Young woman training a dog golden retriever.
How to Become a Dog Trainer
Senior Black man in wheelchair petting dog
Can Your Dog Be a Therapy Dog?
Boston terrier dog standing near pink rhododendron
This Is How to Teach Your Pooch How to Stand on Command
Dog siting in a chair
Should You Use Aversives in Dog Training?
Two dogs chasing car in dust.
This Is How to Train Your Dog to Come in an Emergency
Golden retriever with dog biscuit on snout, elevated view
Learn How to Train Your Dog With Treats
Flying Toller
Top 5 Ways to Use Positive Reinforcement to Reward a Dog
Say, What? 6 Tips for Living with a Deaf Dog
woman running with dog, a sheltie
Your Best Running Partner Could Just Be Your Dog
Puppies running after ball, woman in background
How to Save Money On Dog Training