Common Behavior Problems in Dogs

Learn about what causes bad behavior in dogs, how to solve the problem and how to teach your dog alternative desired behaviors.
Dog in front of brick wall staring.
Here Are Some Reasons Why Your Dog Might Constantly Stare at the Wall
Black and white Great Dane looking at the camera and laying next to a dug up flower bed
Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt?
why is my dog peeing on my bed
Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed?
Cocker spaniel dog and white cat with blue eyes looking at the camera.
Why Does My Dog Eat Cat Poop?
Happy dog running by alley at summer park on camera
Reasons Why Dogs Run Away and How to Stop It
Portrait of Petit Brabancon on carpet looking up
Reasons Why Your Dog Follows You Everywhere
illustration of common behavior problems in dogs
10 Common Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions
Golden Retriever puppy sitting on couch covered in pillow feathers
How to Keep Your Puppy From Destroying Everything
dog whining laying on floor
Reasons Why Your Dog Whines and How to Stop It
A boy in front of a rottweiler
What Should You Do if Your Dog Bites Someone?
causes of aggression in dogs
Top Reasons Why Dogs Become Aggressive
A mixed breed dog growling
How to Deal With a Growling Dog
Dog barking
Why Do Dogs Bark?
Dog sitting next to a puddle of urine
How to Stop Submissive or Excitement Peeing in Dogs
dog sitting next to wet spot on the floor
How to Stop Your Dog From Peeing in the House
Scared dog hiding under bed
10 Common Fears and Phobias in Dogs
Two black dogs fighting
Reasons Why Dogs Fight and How to Safely Stop It
Golden retrievers playing
Reasons Why Dogs Fight
A black dog
Tips for Approaching a Fearful or Aggressive Dog
Scared Yorkshire terrier dog hiding under bed.
Handling Your Dog's Fear of Men
Chocolate Labrador Dog Laying on Grass Outdoors
Why Is My Dog Eating Poop and How Can I Stop It?
Dog Resting On Grassy Field
Why Do Dogs Roll in Poop?
Puppy leaning out a car window with person in the seat.
This Is What to Do If Your Dog Is Afraid of the Car
types of aggression in dogs
How to Stop Aggressive Behavior in Dogs
Jack Russell Terrier in backyard on a sunny day in the shade growling and protecting a bin of tennis balls
Does Your Dog Have Possession Aggression?
how to stop a dog from barking excessively
How to Stop Your Dog From Barking Excessively
Scared dog sitting at bottom of stairs
If Your Dog is Afraid of Stairs Here's What to Do
dog counter surfing
Get Your Dog to Stop Counter Surfing for Good
Dog looking out window of a door
What to Do If Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety
Jack Russell Terrier hiding under the bed with guilty look.
How to Manage Your Dog’s Fear of Thunderstorms
Begging beagle at the dinner table
Learn How to Train Your Dog to Stop Begging
Puppy and owner playing tug with a sandal
Tips for Stopping Destructive Chewing in Dogs and Puppies
Two Dogs Playing In The Snow
Learn How to Train Your Dog to Be Social and Why It Benefits Them
Toddler child with his dog
Preventing Problems Between Your Dog and Toddler
Scared dog
How to Help Your Dog Get Over a Fear of Strangers
Pug puppy biting finger with sharp teeth.
Learn How to Train Your Dog Not to Bite to Prevent Dog Bites
Dog growling at a person's hands.
Use These Tips to Keep Your Dog From Biting
a French Bulldog jumping up
How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up on People
A chihuahua puppy being examined by a veterinarian
Does Your Dog Hate the Vet?
Dangerous Dogs and Banned breeds: Legal Definitions You Need to Know
dog afraid of objects
Is Your Dog Afraid of Certain Objects?
Angry dog aggressively barking and defending his territory
Is Your Dog Suddenly Acting Aggressive? It Could Be a Health Problem