Symptoms & Treatments of Common Dog Diseases

We're your resource for common dog diseases and conditions, so that you can recognize symptoms and provide necessary treatment for your dog.
blind dog
SARDS in Dogs
dog happy and running in grass
Lymphoma in Dogs
dog and cat seasonal depression in pets
Fact or Fiction: Can Pets Get Seasonal Depression?
small dog in the sun
Skin Cancer in Dogs
dog with tear stains
Tear Stains in Dogs
dog laying on pavement
Bladder Stones in Dogs
dog playing in snow
Fact or Fiction: Can Dogs Get Frostbite?
dog laying on couch
Bloat in Dogs
Happy brown cocker spaniel running in the grass.
Hyperkeratosis in Dogs
Itchy dog with excess skin folds
What to Feed Your Dog When They Have a Yeast Infection
Gray, black and white dog laying on a green blanket
Canine Influenza in Dogs
A golden retriever running through the snow.
Hypothermia in Dogs
Australian shepherd puppy laying in a field of flowers
Seizures in Puppies
dog running in grass
Patellar Luxation in Dogs
Facial Swelling in Dogs
Facial Swelling in Dogs
Alopecia in dogs
Alopecia in Dogs
Golden retriever sniffing the hind end of another golden retriever.
Brucellosis in Dogs
Dog Constipation and How to Treat It
Constipation in Dogs
Close-up of dog's face
Eye Injuries in Dogs
Acid Reflux in Dogs
Acid Reflux in Dogs
Dog coughing with white background
Pneumonia in Dogs
Female Vet smiling and holding a Schnauzer mix dog
Diabetes in Dogs
Black Lab looking directly at camera
Pulled Muscles in Dogs
Sialocele (Salivary Mucocele) in Dogs
Sialocele in Dogs
Growths, Tumors, and Cysts on Dogs
Tumors, Growths, and Cysts in Dogs
closeup of dog paws
8 Common Dog Paw Problems
Dermacentor variablis (American dog tick)
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in Dogs
Fluffy white dog laying on lounge
Is Neosporin Safe for Dogs?
Mixed race veterinarian examining dog in hospital
Folliculitis in Dogs
High Angle View Of Dog Relaxing On Bed
Diarrhea in Dogs
legg-calve-perthes disease in dogs
Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease in Dogs
Time for his yearly check-up
Ear Infections in Dogs
Vet using a stethoscope to listen to a dog's heart.
Heart Failure in Dogs
Chocolate lab on exam table with veterinarian
Gallbladder Disease in Dogs
Man getting licked by a puppy
Hypoglycemia in Puppies
abandoned dog
Distemper in Dogs
Causes of Limping in Dogs
Dog Lameness - Causes and Treatment of Limping in Dogs
Dog on table being examined by vet.
Vaginitis in Dogs
Dog laying on a rug.
Ascites in Dogs
Corgi walking
Degenerative Myelopathy in Dogs
Dog paw with light brown fur facing up on dog bed closeup
What to Do If Your Dog Has a Broken Toe
What to Do If Your Dog Has Eye Problems
What to Do If Your Dog Has Eye Problems
dog in the woods
Tick Paralysis in Dogs
Bulldog with a cleft lip.
Cleft Palate in Dogs
signs of ehrlichiosis in dogs
Ehrlichiosis in Dogs
Vet Exam for english bulldog
Hiatal Hernias in Dogs
Senior black lab lying in the grass.
Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs
Dog lying on sofa at home, looking ill and sad
Vestibular Disease in Dogs
Dog lying on stainless steel exam table.
Coronavirus in Dogs
How to Treat Babesia Infections in Dogs
Babesiosis in Dogs
bronchitis in dogs
Bronchitis in Dogs
actinomycosis bacterial infection in dogs, foxtail and other grass awns
Actinomycosis in Dogs
cat laying down
Fibrosarcomas in Cats
Clumped platelets among red blood cells under a microscope.
Thrombocytopenia in Dogs
Anal Gland Infection in Puppies
German Shepherd laying on a dock.
Spinal Stenosis in Dogs
skin tags on dogs
Skin Tags on Dogs
Veterinarian Examining Dog
Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs
Jack Russell terrier cocking head at camera.
Rectal Prolapse in Dogs
German Shorthaired Pointer pointing on the shoreline
Histoplasmosis in Dogs