Symptoms & Treatments of Common Dog Diseases

We're your resource for common dog diseases and conditions, so that you can recognize symptoms and provide necessary treatment for your dog.
English bulldog with an underbite
How to Treat Underbites in Dogs
Close up of a dog's swollen eye.
What to Do If Your Dog's Eye Is Swollen
Dog itching itself.
How to Treat Dry Skin on Your Dog
High Angle Portrait of a Yellow Lab Looking up at the Camera
7 Ways Dogs Can Get Worms
Dog lounging on couch tilting head at photographer
What to Know About Treating Heartworm Disease with Ivermectin
Dog face up close with a runny nose
Should You Be Worried About Your Dog's Runny Nose?
what to do if your dog has allergies
Common Allergy Symptoms in Dogs
What It Means If You Find Worms in Your Dog's Poop
What It Means If You Find Worms in Your Dog's Poop
Chocolate Lab Taking a Treat From His Owner
How to Treat Colitis in Dogs
Dog up close with open mouth
What to Do If Your Dog Is Coughing and Gagging
cushing's disease in dogs hyperadrenocorticism
Cushing's Disease in Dogs
heartworm disease in dogs
How to Treat Heartworm Disease in Dogs
Dog with a cataract in one eye looking at the camera.
How Do Dogs Get Cataracts and Can They Be Treated?
Geriatric black lab on an orange chair.
How Are Seizures Treated in Old Dogs?
prostatitis in dogs
All About Prostatitis in Dogs
fever in dogs
What to Do If Your Dog Has a Fever
meloxicam for dogs
Meloxicam for Dogs
Profile of a boxer.
What is DCM and How Do you Treat it in Dogs?
A sad dog laying on a couch
Perineal Hernias in Dogs: What You Need to Know
irritable bowel syndrome in dogs
How to Treat IBS in Dogs
bladder cancer in dogs
How to Treat Bladder Cancer in Dogs
cloudy eyes in dogs
What To Do if Your Dog Has Cloudy Eyes
warts on dogs
Does Your Dog Have Warts?
An older black lab sitting on an orange chair
Wheezing in Dogs
Rhodesian Ridgeback with wound on carpus.
How Do You Clean a Dog's Wound?
Close-up of dog eye discharge.
What to Do if Your Dog Has Eye Boogers
Woman holding a red pill up to a dog as he sniffs it
What Is a Safe Imodium Dosage for Dogs?
Dog mouth close up.
What Is Mouth Cancer and How Is It Treated in Dogs?
Black cocker spaniel head profile.
What is Corneal Dystrophy and How is It Treated?
Chihuahua getting an ear exam.
How Do Dogs Get Ear Yeast Infections and What Can You Do About It?
Dog on table being examined by vet.
What is Vaginitis and How is It Treated in Dogs?
Vet and Labrador retriever
False Pregnancy in Dogs
Basset hound dog relaxing in large plaid chair at home
Seborrhea in Dogs
Portrait of veterinary nurse with dog on table in veterinary surgery
Is Acetaminophen Safe for Dogs?
Close-Up Of Woman With Dog
What Do Pale Gums in Dogs Mean?
Dog lying on sofa at home, looking ill and sad
Vestibular Disease in Dogs
Brindle & White Bulldog Puppy
Impetigo in Dogs
Pug eating food off the table
Gastritis in Dogs
A fawn boxer dog sleeping on the floor.
Lymphosarcoma in Dogs
A brussels griffon looking up at his owner in jeans and socks.
What Is the Bordetella Vaccine in Dogs For?
Veterinarian examining dog in office
Learn How to Treat Diabetes in Your Pup
Husky smiling sitting in grass field
What Is Progressive Retinal Atrophy in Dogs and Can You Stop It?
Chocolate lab on exam table with veterinarian
Can Dogs Get Gallbladder Disease?
Collie at animal hospital
What Is Dermatomyositis in Dogs and What Can You Do About It?
Doberman Pinscher smiling in front of a fence
What Does It Mean if Your Dog Has Von Willebrand Disease?
German shepherd not feeling well
What to Do if Your Dog Has Addison's Disease
Beagle of 12 weeks
What You Need to Know About Limping in Dogs
Puppy lying down on a table at the veterinarian's office
How to Prevent, Detect, and Treat Distemper in Dogs
old dog looking aside
Discover 6 Treatment Options for Canine Arthritis
Small dog laying down next to a food bowl
How to Treat Liver Disease in Dogs
Woman stroking her pet dog
What to Do If Your Dog Has a Seizure
Portrait of dog, lying on sofa
What is Myasthenia Gravis and How Does it Affect Dogs?
Corgi walking
Is Your Dog at Risk For Degenerative Myelopathy?
lyme disease in dogs
What Dog Owners Should Know about Lyme Disease
illustration of common intestinal parasites in dogs
Learn About 4 Common Intestinal Parasites in Dogs
Vet examining dog
How to Identify, Treat, and Prevent Leptospirosis in Dogs
Close view of a puppy laying on the floor
Can Dogs Get Cat Scratch Fever?
Black Doberman on a medical exam at vet's office.
What is Von Willebrand Disease and How Does It Affect Dogs?
Whipworm (Trichuris trichiura) of a dog in the institute for parasitology of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
The Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Whipworms in Dogs
dog laying down
All About Kidney Disease in Dogs