Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs

Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about dogs, including questions about breeds, grooming, health and behavior and everything in between.
A white dog chasing its tail
Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tail?
Dog being walked on a leash by two kids.
How Often Should You Walk Your Dog and Why?
Pet dog stowed under airplane seat
How to Fly With Your Dog
French bulldog howling
Why Do Dogs Howl at Sirens?
Bulldog puppy rolling on back in a field of grass.
Why Do Dogs Roll in Grass?
Beagle playing with an orange spikey ball toy
Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys So Much?
Pug smiling on back while getting tummy pet in grass.
Why Dogs Like Being Pet—Plus How to Safely Pet an Unfamiliar Dog
Dog sleeping on rug
Why Do Dogs Circle Before They Lay Down?
Black mutt dog outdoor portrait
Why Do Dogs Grind Their Teeth?
Profile of a Chocolate Labrador Retriever with his Tongue Out at Sunset
Are Dog Mouths Actually Cleaner Than Human Mouths?
Studio Portrait of Smiling Young Woman Holding an Affectionate French Bulldog Puppy
Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears?
dog on bed
Should I Stop Letting My Dog Sleep With Me At Night?
white dog laying on back while getting belly rub
Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs So Much?
Puppy digging
Why Do Dogs Bury Bones?
German Shepard dog sleeping on bed with blankets covering
Why Does My Dog Sleep So Much?
Brown and black dog sitting and staring on couch
Why Your Dog Staring at You Can Have Different Meanings
Samoyed puppy howling outside in the grass
Why Your Dogs Howling Could Be a Sign of Health Problems
Close up Kitty
Is a Warm or Dry Nose a Sign of Illness in Cats?
Dog Bath
10 Things Your Dog Hates (That You Might Be Doing)
dog sitting on floor
Why Your Dog Is Scooting Across the Floor
Senior woman outside in the fall with a senior beagle.
Can Dogs Go Through Menopause Just Like Humans?
Small fluffy dog peeing on grass
How to Stop Dog Urine From Damaging Your Grass
Cherry eye in dogs
What is Cherry Eye and How is It Treated?
Searching dog for ectoparasites
Can Head Lice Be Transmitted Between Kids and Pets?
common causes of dog seizures illustration
Discover the Many Different Reasons That Dogs Have Seizures
Profile of a standing black and rust doberman pinscher.
Can You Dock the Tail of an Adult Dog?
German Shepard dog sniffing corn on the cob from white plate on table
Can Dogs Eat Corn on the Cob?
Service dog
What Is a Service Dog?
Begging Beagle At the Dinner Table
Learn How to Treat a Pup Suffering From Pancreatitis
Dog swimming
How to Eliminate Musty Dog Odor After Swimming
Dog resting on floor
Reasons Why Your Dog Might Be Leaking Urine
Woman feeding dog
What Kind of Food Should I Feed My Diabetic Dog?
Veterinarian vaccinating a dog against rabies
How Often Do You Have to Get Your Pet Vaccinated for Rabies?
Dog sitting on wooden pier in lake
The Doggy Paddle Can Only Go So Far. Does Your Dog Need a Life Vest?
Couple with dog at a dog show
What Are Dog Shows All About?
Dog sports
Dog Sports for Every Lifestyle
nail problems in dogs
What to Do About Nail Problems in Dogs
Bulldog with rear in the air
Why Should My Cryptorchid Dog Be Neutered?
Black seeing-eye dog leading visually impaired woman
7 Types of Working Dogs and the Jobs They Do
dog chewing on bone
Are Bones Really Safe for Your Dog?
anal glands in dogs
Why Do Dogs Scoot on Their Butts?
dog sniffing butt of other dog
Why Do Dogs Sniff Butts?
Black Lab dog with head tilt
Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads Sometimes?
Close-up of a retained baby canine tooth.
What to Do if Your Adult Dog Still Has Baby Teeth
Sneezing Pooch
What Is a Reverse Sneeze in Dogs?
Shepherd mix with ears back sitting against a red background
Why Do Dogs Put Their Ears Back?
Dog kicking leaves up outside.
Why Do Dogs Kick After They Poop?
Dog nail trim up close.
How to Handle Aggression in Dogs During Nail Clippings
Man with old golden retriever outside.
How Can You Deal With Guilt After Putting a Beloved Pet to Sleep?
Dog leaning on the leg of man sitting on sidewalk cafe.
This Is Why Some Dogs Lean on People
how to stop dog humping
All About Humping in Dogs and How to Stop It
Bernese Mountain Dog licking his paws
What Should I Do If My Dog Keeps Licking His Paws?
Open mouth of a dog breathing and sticking its tongue out.
Why Your Dog Is Breathing Fast and What to Do
a dog chewing on a sock
Why Does My Dog Eat My Socks?
Dog with cherry eye
How to Recognize and Treat Cherry Eye in Dogs
A dog with his tongue out
What to Do About Salivary Mucoceles in Dogs
Black and white puppy scratching itch in middle of grass field with small white flowers
What to Do if Your Puppy Is Scratching and Itching
dog looking sad
How to Treat Histiocytomas in Dogs
Golden retriever dog in bath
Is Your Dog's Smell a Problem? Find Out What Could Be Causing It
Little dog in white cage.
What to Do If a Neighbor Is Abusing Their Dog