Identifying and Treating Parasites in Dogs

Ticks, fleas, mites, worms and intestinal parasites can endanger your dog's health. Learn how to prevent parasites, recognize symptoms if your dog is affected and provide treatment.
Black and white puppy scratching it's body in middle of grass field with small white flowers
Eliminate Puppy Ear Mites With Natural Remedies
Dog scratching on sofa
What You Need to Know About Parasites and Your Dog
Whipworm (Trichuris trichiura) of a dog in the institute for parasitology of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Learn the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of whipworms in dogs.
dog in forest, rabies and dogs
Protecting Your Dog from Rabies
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How to Get Rid of Fleas
Beagle puppy lying down
How to Treat Roundworms in Puppies and Dogs
Dog scratching fleas
How to Get Rid of Fleas on Puppies and Dogs
Puppy on table with doctor holding it.
Disinfecting Your Home After Parvovirus in Dogs
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How to Treat Heartworm Disease in Dogs
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7 Ways Dogs Can Get Worms
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What to Do About Bug Bites and Stings on Dogs
Shar-Pei Pitbull Puppy Laying on Couch
What Do You Do When Your Puppy Has Hookworms?
Parasites in Dogs That You Should Know
Parasites in Dogs That You Should Know
Moosach, Munich, Bavaria, Southern Germany, Germany
How to Remove Ticks from Dogs and Keep Them From Coming Back
Man giving his pet dog a bath
How to Give Your Dog a Flea Bath
What You Need to Know About Giardia in Dogs
Bulldog puppy panting in man's arms
Different Types of Puppy Parasites
Dog in grass itching behind its ear
How to Treat Lice in Dogs
Tapeworm, artwork
Puppy Tapeworms: How to Deal With This Nasty Nuisance
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Can You Get Heartworms from Your Dog?
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Can Head Lice Be Transmitted Between Kids and Pets?
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What to Do About Ant Bites on Dogs
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5 Things Dog Owners Should Know About Ticks
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How Do Hookworms Affect Dogs?
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Does Peppermint Oil Kill Fleas and is It Safe for Pets?
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Love Your Pet but Learn to Steer Clear of Ringworm
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Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Fleas and Is It Safe For Your Pet?
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Can Your Pet Get Bed Bugs?