Symptoms & Treatments of Dog Poisoning

We'll be your guide to preventing poisoning in your dog, helping you avoid certain plants, foods and more. You'll be able to recognize symptoms and provide necessary treatment should poisoning occur.
Dog with chocolate
4 Safety Tips to Know for Pet Poisoning Awareness Month
Pinscher mix dog lying by chocolate bar on plate
Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs
can dogs eat grapes
Can Dogs Eat Grapes?
woman mopping floor with dog
How to Keep Spring Cleaning Safe for Your Pets
What to Do If Your Dog Eats Rat Poison
Rat Poisoning in Dogs
dog happy
Nicotine Poisoning in Pets
Low section of man walking with dog on fallen tree over river
Getting Rid of Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac on Pets
Sad-looking dog ignoring a treat
What to Do if Your Dog Is Poisoned or Exposed to Toxins
signs of poisoning in dogs
Signs of Poisoning in Dogs
Fluffy white dog laying on lounge
Is Neosporin Safe for Dogs?
dogs and vitamin d
Is Vitamin D Toxic to Dogs?
Dog staring at a toad in someone's hand
Toad Poisoning in Dogs
Box of firecracker casings
Firework Toxicity in Dogs
Brown puppy eating white coneflowers in garden
Poisonous Plants for Dogs
Brown and long-haired dachshund dog sitting on grass under packet of ivermectin
The Safety and Side Effects of Ivermectin in Dogs
Pug eating food off of kitchen table
Human Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs
Macadamia Nuts
Macadamia Nuts and other Nuts That Are Toxic to Dogs
Dog sitting next to Christmas tree and string lights
Are Christmas Trees Poisonous to Cats and Dogs?
dog near a candle
What to Do if Your Dog Eats a Candle
dog and chocolate
How Much Chocolate Is Toxic to Dogs?
Cavalier King Charles with mop
Is Swiffer WetJet Safe to Use Around My Pet?
cute German Shepherd sitting on floor with metal bowl and broken dishes in kitchen
What to Do If Your Dog Eats Baking Soda
Sago palm leaf
Sago Palm Toxicity in Dogs
Collie looking at human food
5 Common Foods In Your Pantry That Are Not Safe For Your Pets
Sick-looking dog resting head on pillow.
Do Dogs Get High? Effects and Dangers of Marijuana
household cleaners
Toxic Chemicals & Household Items That Can Poison Dogs
dog laying down
Lead Poisoning in Dogs
Sick-looking dog
Inducing Vomiting in Dogs After Toxin Exposure
Boy walking dog in forest
Can Dogs Get Poison Ivy?
Pug on pavement
Antifreeze Poisoning in Dogs
Dog looking out windown next to houseplants.
10 Houseplants Safe for Dogs
Sad older dog lying down in bed.
Iron Poisoning in Dogs
Good indoor climate concept. Dog lying on the floor next to the plant
The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Pets
Smiling shih tzu dog laying down outdoors
Zinc Poisoning in Dogs
Happy border collie dog outdoors
Can Ivermectin Be Given to Collies?
dog lake toxic algae cyanobacteria
How Blue-Green Algae Can Harm Your Dog
Dog wants cookies
Why is Chocolate Toxic to Dogs?
dog ate dryer sheet
What to Do If Your Dog Ate a Dryer Sheet
dog with remote
What to Do if Your Dog Ate a Battery