Common Dog Health Treatments

Learn about common treatments for your dog’s health and what to expect when your dog gets sick or has another health issue.

Cherry eye in dogs
What Is Cherry Eye and How Is It Treated?
Small dog sitting in backseat of car with blanket and toys
Puppy Feeling Pukey? Try DIY Cures for Canine Car Sickness
Norfolk terrier puppy
Does Your Puppy Have Vaginitis? Learn How to Treat It
Sick puppy
How to Treat Bloody Diarrhea in Dogs
dog running in grass
Learn the Causes and Treatment of Patellar Luxation in Dogs
Intestinal Obstruction in Dogs
Intestinal Obstruction in Dogs
eclampsia dog nursing puppies
What is Eclampsia in Dogs?
Python and dog
How to Treat a Snake Bite on Your Dog
French Bulldog sniffing 3D poop emoji.
What Can You Safely Give Your Dog If It Has Diarrhea?
Persian cat sitting with several pill vials
Using Pimobendan (Vetmedin) in Cats
A sick yellow Labrador puppy lying down with bottles of prescription medication
Can Dogs Take Ibuprofen?
abandoned dog
Distemper in Dogs
dog looking sad
How to Treat Histiocytomas in Dogs
Jack Russell terrier itching ear in grass
Dog Yeast Infection Home Remedy
dog hanging on the couch
What Is Elbow Dysplasia In Dogs?
tired black dog
How to Treat Anemia in Dogs
Dog coughing with white background
What is Pneumonia and How Does a Dog Get It?
dog injury
What Dog Owners Need to Know About Cruciate Ligament Injuries
Dog lying on sofa at home, looking ill and sad
Vestibular Disease In Dogs
Chihuahua getting an ear exam.
How Do Dogs Get Ear Yeast Infections and What Can You Do About It?
Puppies sleeping
Understanding Ear Mites in Puppies and Dogs
Chihuahua being held by vet.
What is Lupus in Dogs and How Do They Get It?
dog with open mouth
Kennel Cough in Dogs
A dog itching from allergies
Help! I Think My Dog Is Allergic to Me!
Maltese on an exam table.
What is Sepsis and How is It Treated in Dogs?
itchy dog
What Is Dermatitis in Dogs and How Is It Treated?
dog food allergies
How to Treat Food Allergies in Dogs
Tired Golden Retriever lying on wooden floor
Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs
English Bulldog Puppy Watching a Bumblebee
How to Treat Allergic Reactions in Dogs
Small dog laying down next to a food bowl
How to Treat Liver Disease in Dogs
High Angle Portrait Of Cute Puppy Standing At Home
How to Spot and Treat Dry Eye in Dogs
Puppy scratching himself with his hind leg
Use These Tips to Help Your Itchy Dog Deal With Allergies
Heartworm Prevention Options for Your Dog
Woman at home with dog
What to Do if Your Dog Has Hip Dysplasia
Welsh corgi dog's head held up to treat red itchy eyes
Remedies for Red Eyes in Dogs
Yorkie on an exam table at the veterinary hospital.
What Is a Liver Shunt in Dogs and How Is it Treated?
Dog at the vet's
Biliary Disease in Dogs
Dog with cherry eye
How to Recognize and Treat Cherry Eye in Dogs
Labrador dog lying next to bottle of pills and medication, close-up
Side Effects of Antibiotics in Dogs
Portrait of veterinary nurse with dog on table in veterinary surgery
Is Acetaminophen Safe for Dogs?
Dog leashed on sidewalk itching itself and panting
How to Fight Fleas With Diatomaceous Earth
bladder cancer in dogs
How to Treat Bladder Cancer in Dogs
Golden retriever playing with another pet dog
Pet First Aid: Treating Your Dog's Animal Bite
English bulldog sleeping on couch
Lymphedema in Dogs
Fawn & White Boxer Puppy Looking Up & Off Camera
What to Do If You Find Pimples on Your Dog
Yellow labrador retriever resting head on ground next to pill drams.
What Kinds of Seizure Medications Are There for Dogs?
white dog running
What Is Ataxia in Dogs and How Is It Treated?
dog laying down on the floor
How Does Tetanus Affect Dogs and How Is it Treated?
Close-up of dog's face
How to Treat Eye Injuries in Dogs
Golden retriever showing teeth
How to Prevent Dental Disease in Your Dog
Labrador dog lying next to bottle of pills and medication, close-up
Piroxicam for Dogs
kennel cough vaccine for dogs
All About the Kennel Cough Vaccine
Skunk in yard
What to Do if Your Dog Is Sprayed by a Skunk
Coton de Tuléar Pup Looks Up at Camera
How to Spot and Treat Cataracts in Dogs
Beagle on couch
Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) in Dogs
Dog lounging on couch tilting head at photographer
What to Know About Treating Heartworm Disease with Ivermectin
Maltese refusing to eat bowl of dry dog food.
Find Out Why Your Dog Stopped Eating and What You Can Do
Shih tzu on exam table with a veterinarian listening to it with a stethoscope
What is Renal Dysplasia in Dogs?
heart murmurs in dogs
Heart Murmurs in Dogs
Mixed breed dog at a vet's office
What Are the Types of Heart Disease in Dogs?