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Elise Wang

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As the Methodology Writer for both Pets and Travel Dotdash Meredith verticals, Elise researches product categories and how our competitors tested the same category, interviews industry experts for professional perspectives and insights, creates test methodologies for real-world and lab tests, and also books the testers for those tests.



Elise has a background in journalism and communications. She worked on her university newspaper, The Spectator, for all 4 years during undergrad and held multiple positions: writer, photographer, Director of Photography, and Arts & Entertainment section Editor.

Elise travels regularly throughout the year to her hometown, San Francisco, CA, and has traveled to various cities in the U.S., Canada, France, Italy, Spain, the U.K, and Japan (and the list will keep growing!). Whether it's a short overnight trip or a week-long stay, she's typically an over-packer, which has turned her into a master packer and organizer.

She is also a cat mom with two rambunctious 2yo cats, Misty and Milo. They were a bonded brother-sister pair she adopted in Seattle and brought with her to New York, so they also have a bit of travel experience under their belts. Elise has always had pets (cats, dogs, and fish) growing up, helped take care of neighbors' and friends' pets, and also worked as a Rover dog walker/babysitter throughout college.

Elise can be found on LinkedIn.


Elise has a B.A. in English and a minor in French from Seattle University, which she attended from 2016-2020.

Education: Seattle University
Location: New York, NY
Title: Methodology Writer - Pets and Travel, Research + Testing

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