Erica Puisis

Erica Puisis, horse and dog expert for The Spruce Pets

Erica Puisis is a writer and animal enthusiast with experience working for a leading equine veterinary hospital and learning more about canine development and obedience. She has personal experience with dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, and horses and a lifelong interest in researching and writing about the latest in animal care, training, and breed profiles.


  • Years of experience working at horse farms, including horse training and lessons
  • Experience working for an equine veterinary practice



Erica has spent years working at horse farms, providing training and lessons to riders of all ages and experience levels and has a deep understanding of horse behavior. 

In addition, Erica has worked for a leading multi-doctor equine veterinary practice and administered the practice's on-site laboratory, which provided an inside look at equine health and disease. She also coordinated the practice's communications and produced the monthly newsletter. 

Erica has been fascinated by canine obedience and training methodology. She enjoys helping dog owners make the most of the special bond between humans and canines.


Erica received a Bachelor's degree from Baker College in 2010.

Expertise: Horses and Dogs

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