Exotic Pet Names That Start With the Letter A

Adalberto Rios Szalay/Sexto Sol/Photodisc/Getty Images

Deciding on your pet's name is a big decision. You'll be living with this animal, and likely calling for your pet over and over again. Pick a name that you like and that suits the pet's personality. If you are looking for a name that starts with the letter A, this list should inspire you to pick a creative name for your new pet.

Creative "A" Names From History, Literature, Movies, and TV

  • Abby: A sweet human name that is a sweet choice for a sweet pet. 
  • Abner: This classic name dates all the way back to the Bible. 
  • ACDC: Give your pet the name of the Australian rock band. 
  • Ace: A short, classic name for your pet; keep this in mind if you are a card player. 
  • Acrobat: This wily name is good for a fast-moving and athletic animal, especially one that is good at tricks. 
  • Adam Ant: Honor the British singer from the 1980s with this funny pet name.
  • Adele: Give a nod to the modern British singer with an amazing voice. 
  • Adelheid Hildegard: Be prepared to explain who this woman was—a German resistance fighter against the Nazi regime. This is a serious and heavy name for a pet. 
  • Agamemnon: Go Greek with this ancient name from Greek mythology. 
  • Alaska: A sweet name, especially for a furry, warm animal. 
  • Albert Einstein: Is your pet a genius? If so, pick this name and call him Albert for short. 
  • Albus: Honor the Harry Potter professor with this intelligent (and magical) name. 
  • Al Capone: If your animal is more the criminal type, or just gets into a lot of trouble, this is the name for you. 
  • Alcatraz: Another criminal focused name; you can always call your pet "Al" for short. 
  • Alex: This classic human name works for any animal, male or female. 
  • Alfie: A British romantic comedy movie provides a sweet name for a sweet pet. 
  • Alf: Honor the 1980's alien life form with this name for your strange pet. 
  • Alley: A good name for a cat, this name can also be spelled "Ally."
  • Alphalpha: This name is for the silly troublemaker from the classic Little Rascals TV show and a perfect name if you have your own little rascal of a pet. 
  • Amber: A nice human name for a pet and also a creative name for a light brown colored animal. 
  • Ambrosia: The food or drink of the Greek gods or a variation on a fruit salad; either way, this is a sweet name for a sweet pet. 
  • Amun Ra: Honor the Egyptian gods with this ancient name for your pet. 
  • Annie: A nod to the famous red-headed orphan of movie fame, this name is especially meaningful if your pet was adopted.
  • Anthrax: A slightly scary name from the poisonous chemical; be ready for some glances if you name your pet this one. 
  • Aphrodite: Honor the Greek god of love and beauty with this ancient name. 
  • Aspen: Name your pet after this beautiful Colorado city, especially if your pet enjoys being outdoors. 

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