Names for Exotic Pets

Girl Holding a Pot Bellied Pig
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Naming any kind of pet can be a challenge. Depending on what kind of exotic pet you're wanting to name you may need to take into consideration whether or not it is easy to say, does it match his personality, if there a naming theme with multiple names, and popular names for that specific species.

Check out these exotic names for exotic pets and maybe you'll get a few ideas to name your own pet. If you're having a hard time finding a name you like don't just stick to the list for the specific kind of pet you have. Try searching the other species for even more pet name ideas!

Pet Chinchilla Names

Chinchillas are from the Andes mountains so popular South American names can be options. Some favorites in this list are Baja, Manzana, and Mr. Chili!

Pet Degu Names

Degus are from Chile so think of some spicy names or South American names to complement your pocket pet. Some favorites in this list are Taco, Fritos, and Diego.

Pet Ferret Names

Domestic ferrets are found in the wild but their cousins the black-footed ferrets, mink, and other critters are. Think about where these animals reside to pick a suitable name or get creative and choose one that reflects how mischievous your pet is!

Pet Fish Names

Chances are you have more than one fish and sometimes telling them apart can even be a challenge. But naming them is fun regardless. Choose one of these fishy names or make one up yourself!

Pet Frog and Toad Names

Fuego and Mr. Sticky are some fun names on this list but they aren't the only ones you'll like.

Pet Gerbil Names

Gerbils, also known as desert rats, are from dry climates. Names that reflect their native habitats may have desert, African, Asian, or Indian themes - or something completely off the wall like Bubbles!

Pet Goat Names

If all else fails Stevie is a great name for a goat. Check out this list for other options though.

Pet Guinea Pig Names

Also known as cavies, guinea pigs make such cute noises that you may want to call them Squeakers. Names that reflect the color of these piggies are also popular like Brownie, Oreo, and Blondie.

Pet Hamster Names

Hamsters seem to be able to pull off just about any name in the book. Favorites are Alexander, Captain Hook, and Milky Way.

Pet Hedgehog Names

You may want to pick a prickly name for these quilled fellows! Check out these hedgehog name ideas!

Pet Hermit Crab Names

Shelly, Herman, Crabby, and other popular names are great options for these small pet crabs. Take a look at these hermit crab names.

Pet Mouse Names

Pick a tiny name or perhaps a kind of cheese. There are so many cute mouse names on this list!

Pet Potbellied Pig Names

Potbellied pigs often have ironic names like Kevin Bacon, Hammy, and Porkchop. Take a look at some name ideas for pot-bellied pigs.

Pet Rabbit Names

Rabbits have personalities all their own so you may need a little time to choose the right name for your pet rabbit.

Pet Rat Names

Dexter and Harold are some of my favorites on this list. 

Pet Lizard Names

With so many different kinds of pet lizards, these names might not suit your particular kind of reptile. Give it a look and maybe you'll find one you like.

Pet Snake Names

Names that mimic the hissing noise are popular with sssssnake lovers.

Pet Turtle and Tortoise Names

Ironic names like Speedy are popular with pet turtles.

Pet Salamander and Newt Names

You may not handle them often but they still need a name!

Pet Scorpion Names

Scorpions simply demand a respectable name. Take a look at some options for naming your scorpion.

Pet Sugar Glider Names

Favorite foods of gliders often inspire great names as does the natural habitat of the sugar glider.

Pet Tarantula Names

Rosie, Spidey, Webber - all good options. Check out this list for even more.

Pet Wolfdog and Wolf Names

You'll have a howling good time trying to pick a name for your wolf or wolfdog.

Alphabetical List of All Exotic Pet Names

The BIG list.

Names for Pairs of Pets

Do you have more than one pet? Consider a pair of names that go well together.