Pet Names That Begin With F

Close-up of a beautiful young Alpaca.
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If you've decided that you want your new pet's name to begin with the letter F, you can pick from many sources for his name. But do keep the name short You want your pet to respond to his name quickly. Train him to respond to his name by clearly stating his name and when he looks at you, say "yes" and give him a treat. Do this for about 5 minutes a day for a week or so. That way, he'll respond to a name as distinctive as he is.

Gods and Goddesses

Show that your pet is an animal of the world by choosing a name worthy of a god or goddess. Does your pet have a Chinese pedigree? What better nod to Far East culture than to name your pet after the wind god, Fei-Lian. This creature has bull horns on a sparrow's head, features a stag's body and a snake's tail.

If you're more a proponent of Norse mythology, consider Frigg, the goddess of the sky who also is credited with marriage, motherhood, and fertility. If you pick up two pets at the same time, name your new additions after Freyr, the god of world peace, bravery and bountiful harvests and his twin, Freya, who is all about love, beauty, and opulent objects.

The Saints

Your pet can rise above the crowd with a nod to the blessed beings that have achieved sainthood. Fabain came to Rome after Pope Anteros died in 236. A layperson, and not a very important one, he became pope after a dove descended from the ceiling and settled on Fabain's head. The papal electors took that as a sign from God.

Fabiola was a wealthy woman who devoted herself to charitable works and aiding churches. She built the first Christian public hospital in the West, where she personally tended the sick. Call your pet. Fachanan, after the patron of the diocese of Ross, where he was probably the first bishop.

The Intellectuals

Your dog might intimidate the other animals at obedience school if you name him after a Nobel prize-winner. Among your choices are

  • Fert, after Albert Fert, who won the 2007 award for physics
  • Friedman, after Jerome Friedman, who won the physics prize in 1990
  • Fowler, after William Alfred Fowler, who won the physics prize in 1983
  • Frank, after Joachim Frank, who shared the chemistry prize in 2017
  • Feringa, after Bernard Feringa, who shared the chemistry prize in 2016
  • Fenn, after John B. Fenn, who shared the chemistry prize in 2002
  • Fama, after Eugene F. Fama, who shared the economics prize in 2013

Arts and Letters

Your pet's name may evoke famous writers such as F. Scott or Zelda Fitzgerald—you can call him Fitz for short. Or consider Frida, after Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. If you pick Fonteyn, you can honor Dame Margot for her ballet, or spell your pet's name Fontanne in honor of Lynn, who had a 40-year career as an actor.