Pet Names That Start With the Letter K

Small Iguana on Child's Hand

Utah-based Photographer Ryan Houston / Moment / Getty Images

Choosing a name for any pet is a personal decision. Some people may prefer to live with their pet for a while to know their personality before picking a name. Other people may have their heart set on a name prior to meeting the pet and will go with that name before the pet even arrives. If you are looking for a name that starts with the letter K, this list should inspire you to pick a creative name for your new exotic pet.

K Names From Literature, History, Movies, and TV

  • Kaiser: The German word for "emperor," this name would be good for a serious, or playful, animal, or one that "rules the roost."
  • Kahlua: The coffee-flavored liqueur from Mexico, this beverage contains rum, sugar, vanilla bean, and coffee. Perfect for a sweet pet or one that is coffee-colored.
  • Kaleidoscope: A fun name for any kind of pet; just keep a nickname in mind since this is a long word, especially if you are calling for your pet over and over again.
  • Kamikaze: A great name for an animal with explosive amounts of energy. 
  • Kaos: A more creative spelling of "chaos." 
  • Karamel: A good name for a light brown animal. 
  • Karma: Pick this "K" name if you feel it was destiny or fate that brought you your pet. 
  • Kasper: The name of the friendly ghost, only spelled with a "K" this time. 
  • Kat: A tongue-in-cheek name, especially for a feline. 
  • Kellogg: The cereal company, or a creative pet name—your pick.
  • Kenny Rogers: Honor the country music star with this name for your pet. 
  • Kermit: A classic name, especially for a frog.
  • Kermit the Hermit: A creative name for a frog, or a hermit crab. 
  • Killer: This name might scare some people off, but could also be a funny name for a very gentle pet. 
  • King: Give your pet the royal treatment with this honorable name. 
  • King Tut: Does your pet resemble an ancient Egyptian royal? If so, this is the name for you. 
  • Kisses: A sweet name for a sweet animal. 
  • Kit Kat: The classic candy bar or a name for a cute pet? You decide. 
  • Kojak: Give your pet the name of one of TV's most famous police detectives. 
  • Kraken: A legendary sea monster is also a creative "K" pet name that could be especially good for a fish or other aquatic animal. 
  • Krabby Patty: A cute name for a cranky pet. 
  • Krull Dragonslayer: Honor the classic fantasy series with this creative name. 
  • Kujo: A different spelling of the killer canine from the classic Stephen King book (and movie). Don't be surprised if the name scares some people off. 
  • Kwanzaa: Honor the December holiday with this creative name. 
  • Kyle: A short but sweet human name is a good choice for a pet. 

If you are looking for other names for pets, be sure to review the full alphabetical lists of more creative pet names. You can browse names by type of exotic pet or names for pairs.