Great Exotic Pet Names Beginning With "T"

Argentine Black and White Tegu
Getty Images/Setareh Vatan/Design Pics

Naming any kind of pet can be hard, especially an exotic pet. Sometimes themes, songs, famous people, famous animals, places of interest, and other things are used for name ideas. Or sometimes you want to use a specific letter to name your pet.

Names can have a catchy ring to them such as "Tony the Tiger," the advertising cartoon mascot that has been gracing Kellogg's cereal boxes since 1952. If you have a tiger salamander, tegu, toyger, tarantula, turtle, tortoise, toad, or even a pet tiger, and you want a little name assistance, there a few ways to go.

Fictional Pet Names

Pet names from famous books, movies, and television programs often inspire pets names in real life.

  1. The Godfather: Another name for Don Vito Corleone or Michael Corleone, depending on the fictional mob patriarch you prefer
  2. The Incredible Mr. Limpet: A man-turned-fish, played by Don Knotts in "The Incredible Mr. Limpet"
  3. Tasmanian Devil: Although it's a dog-looking marsupial in real life, it is probably best known as the Looney Tunes cartoon character called the Tasmanian Devil or "Taz"
  4. Tarzan: A feral, vine-swinging man raised by apes as a child who meets humans for the first time and realizes he's not a gorilla
  5. Terminator: Human-cyborg relations suffer a cruel twist in this futuristic doomsday movie
  6. Professor Dumbledore: Beloved headmaster of Harry Potter's Hogwarts School and intricately part of the Order of the Phoenix
  7. The Chin Man: A play on "The Thin Man," which is the detective novel and movie set in Prohibition-era New York
  8. Thor: In Norse mythology, the hammer-wielding thunder god; in Marvel's universe, he's the son of Odin and heir to the throne of the alien world of Asgard
  9. Tigger: Winnie-the-Pooh's buddy in A.A. Milne's fictional world of Christopher Robin's stuffed animals
  10. Tinkerbell: Peter Pan's fairy friend in Neverland
  11. Topper: Box office comedic hit in the 1930s starring Cary Grant being haunted by ghosts
  12. Tweedledum or Tweedledee: Best known as twins in Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass" who meet Alice once she arrives in Wonderland

Non-Fictional, But Fun

From place names, brand names, and descriptions for foods, these names can be a light-hearted approach to naming your beloved new pet friends.

  1. Tama-chan: Arctic seal-turned-celebrity found swimming in the Tama River in Toyko far from its natural habitat
  2. Tater Tot: A cute way of saying a "small potato" or the trademarked name for fried mini potato puffs
  3. Tonka Toy: Tonka has been synonymous with toy trucks since 1955. The word "Tonka" is the word meaning "great" in the Sioux American Indian language.
  4. Twiggy: The stage name for Lesley Lawson, an English model, actress, and singer, who was a British cultural icon and teenage model during Mod-era London in the 1960s
  5. Tacoma: A big city in Washington State in the Pacific Northwest
  6. Taipei: The capital city of Taiwan in the Far East
  7. Tahoe: A large alpine lake in both California and Nevada at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  8. Tang: A species of fish or brand-name for an orange drink powder
  9. Taro: A tropical root vegetable that can grow in water paddy fields like rice
  10. Truffles: An edible fungus delicacy that is hunted for by specially trained dogs and hogs and can fetch a high price in the gourmet food market
  11. Tootsie: 1980s Dustin Hoffman in drag or the chocolate candy rolls
  12. Topaz: A precious gemstone

Cute, Fun, and Silly Pet Names

If you're looking for an adorable name or a giggle, these names may be perfect for your pet.

  • Tab
  • Tabbie
  • Tabitha
  • Tablet
  • Taboo
  • Taco
  • Taffy
  • Tai
  • Taima
  • Taj
  • Taki
  • Tali
  • Tallulah
  • Tamale (like the hot pepper)
  • Tangle
  • Tango
  • Tank
  • Tanker
  • Tao
  • Tara
  • Tasha
  • Tasslehoff
  • Tasuki
  • Tazo
  • T-Bone
  • Tea
  • Teaser
  • Teddy
  • Teeny
  • Telescope
  • Tequila
  • Terry
  • Tessa
  • Testudo
  • Tetra
  • Tex
  • Thanatos
  • Thelma
  • Theo
  • Thistle
  • Thomas
  • Threat
  • Thumper
  • Thunder
  • Tia
  • Tiara
  • Tibbs
  • Tickles
  • Tidy Bowl
  • Tiffany
  • Tike
  • Tiki
  • Tilly
  • Tim
  • Timber
  • Timon
  • Tingle
  • Tink
  • Tinsel
  • Tiny
  • Tipper
  • Titan
  • Tizzy
  • Toby
  • Todd
  • Toffee
  • Toga
  • Tojo
  • Tokie
  • Tom
  • Tomato (like the fruit)
  • Tonino
  • Tonto
  • Tony
  • Tonya
  • Tookie
  • Tootie
  • Totoro
  • Torpedo
  • Tortellini
  • Tortilla
  • Tortuga
  • Tosh
  • Toxic
  • Treasure
  • Trembles
  • Tricky
  • Trigger
  • Trina
  • Trinket
  • Trinity
  • Trip
  • Tripod
  • Trixie
  • Trogdor
  • Trojan
  • Trooper
  • Trouble
  • Tsunami
  • Tubby
  • Tucker
  • Tuffy
  • Tulip
  • Tullie
  • Tuppence
  • Turby
  • Turdman
  • Tushie
  • Tutu
  • Tuvok
  • Tweety
  • Twiggy
  • Twinkie
  • Twister
  • Twisty
  • Twix
  • Twizzler
  • Tyco
  • Tyson