Popular Exotic Pet Species to Know

Pet options go beyond cats and dogs. Our experts can tell you what you need to know if you’re considering making any exotic animals your pet.

Closeup of a raccoon face
Should You Keep a Raccoon as a Pet?
Fennec fox with long pointed ears standing against wired fence
Keeping and Caring for Fennec Foxes as Pets
Black tarantula spider climbing person's hand closeup
10 Best Exotic Pets for Small Spaces
Giant African land snail: achatina achatina mkuze zululand
Giant African Land Snails Make Terrible Pets
Potbellied pig
Keeping and Caring for Potbellied Pigs as Pets
Close-up of a praying mantis on a stick
How to Keep a Pet Praying Mantis
Elevated View of a Scorpion
Emperor Scorpions Make Great Pets
Adult female northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus) accidentally frigtened from her nest box where she was nursing four young, central Alberta, Canada
How to Care for a Pet Northern Flying Squirrel
Bradypus tridactylus
Sloths Make Good Pets for the Right Owner
Emperor scorpion
8 Top Scorpion Species Suitable as Pets
Close up view of a woman holding a fox
Fox Species That Can Be Companion Animals
Stick insect on a leaf.
How to Keep Stick Insects as Pets
Woman feeding water to a tiger
Do Tigers Make Good Pets?
Do Genets Make Good Pets?
High angle view of chimpanzee in forest
Keeping and Caring for Chimpanzees as Pets
Monodelphis domestica
Find out If a Short Tailed Opossum Makes a Good Pet
Chinese water dragon on a rock.
Caring for a Pet Chinese Water Dragon
Kinkajou (Potos flavus) sitting on a branch
Do Kinkajous Make Good Pets?
Prairie Dog
Should You Have a Prairie Dog as a Pet?
Kunekune pig with piglets
What to Expect With Kunekune Pig Breeds
Blue tongued skink (Tiliqua scincoides)
Feeding and Care of Your Blue-Tongued Skink
Degu in hands
Keeping and Caring for Pet Degus
Mexican redleg tarantula
How to Care for a Pet Mexican Redleg Tarantula
Children's hands holding giant millipede
Giant Millipedes Make Unique and Fascinating Pets
Mexican red-knee tarantula on a rock
How to Care for a Pet Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula
Coatimundi raccoon with light brown fur stepping on to long piece of wood
Do Coatimundi Make Good Pets?
Honduran curly hair tarantula on rocks
How to Care for a Pet Curly Hair Tarantula
A large tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India
Requirements to Keep Lions, Tigers, and Other Big Cats as Pets
Patagonian cavy
Care Tips for a Patagonian Cavy
A pink toe tarantula on a web
How to Care for a Pet Pink Toe Tarantula
Awkward Pet Portraits
Yes, You Can Keep a Llama as a Pet
Lesser anteater on a log outside
Keeping and Caring for Pet Anteaters
Border Collie dog staring straight into the camera.
These Are the Top 10 Smartest Pets
Tarantula Species to Keep as Pets
10 Best Tarantula Species to Keep as Pets
Desert tarantula coming out of hole
How to Care for a Pet Desert Blond Tarantula
Close up of a snake
An A to Z List of Exotic Pets
A close-up of a hermit crab
How to Keep Your Hermit Crab Happy in Its Tank
Spider posing with legs in the air
Keeping Insects: Spiders, Scorpions, and Millipedes and More as Pets
Fun loving Gerbils
These Exotic Pets Are Good with Kids
Sugar Glider Joey
What Behavior Can You Expect From a Pet Sugar Glider?
worst animals to keep as pets illustration
10 Worst Animals to Keep as Pets
Resting Fox
Domesticated or Wild Foxes Are Both Cute and Resourceful
Small snail touching a person's finger.
What Should You Know Before Getting a Pet Snail
front view closeup of black and white spotted piglet on hay on a sunny day
12 Cute Pigs That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face
hermit crab in shell
How to Choose Shells for Your Hermit Crabs
Sugar glider joey
Problems and Purpose of a Sugar Glider's Pouch
2 hedgehogs on log, studio shot
Should I Get a Friend for My Hedgehog?
pet skunk
Learn The Basics of Caring for Pet Skunks
Girl outside with baby skunks
Keeping a Wild Baby Skunk as a Pet May Not Be a Good Idea
Sugar glider
Check out These Facts About Sugar Gliders as Pets
Emperor Scorpion, Pandinus imperator (Scorpionidae), from Africa.
How Can I Tell a Male Emperor Scorpion From a Female?
Sugar gliders have patagium that is visible when they extend their legs.
Can Sugar Gliders Fly?
How to Raise Mealworms to Feed to Your Pet
Land Hermit Crabs
Having Land Hermit Crabs for Pets
Fennec fox with long pointed ears in sunlight
Fun Facts About the Fennec Fox - Fennec Fox Facts
Squirrel snacking at the windowsill
Keep Pet Squirrels Healthy With This Nutrition Guide