Exotic Pets

These exotic pets require extra care and careful consideration of animal laws. Learn more about some of nature's most unique pets.
Resting Fox
Domesticated or Wild Foxes Are Both Cute and Resourceful
A portrait of an albino kitten.
Check Out These 10 Amazing Albino Animals
top tarantula species illustration
10 Best Tarantula Species to Keep as Pets
Border Collie dog staring straight into the camera.
These Are the Top 10 Smartest Pets
Polar Bear on Melting Ice, Svalbard, Norway
The Best Animal Charities You Should Know About
Fall in Love With These 12 Creepy Yet Cute Critters
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8 Photos That Prove Farm Animals Are the Cutest
Close up view of a woman holding a fox
Fox Species That Can Be Companion Animals
Brown goat light brown eyes looking up closeup
What You Don’t Know About Goats, But Should
Hand holding an iguana
Check out State Laws on Exotic Pets Before Making a Purchase
person holding a tarantula
How to Care for a Pet Tarantula
worst animals to keep as pets illustration
10 Worst Animals to Keep as Pets
Potbellied pig
Keeping and Caring for Potbellied Pigs as Pets
Bradypus tridactylus
Sloths Make Good Pets for the Right Owner
hermit crab without shell
How to Treat Shell Evacuation in Hermit Crabs
Hermit crab and a shell on sand
How to Tell If Your Hermit Crab Is Molting or Dead
Monkey in a cage
Problems With Keeping a Pet Monkey
best names for guinea pigs
What Should You Name Your Guinea Pig?
A Guide to Caring for Iguanas as Pets
Fennec fox with long pointed ears standing against wired fence
Keeping and Caring for Fennec Foxes as Pets
name ideas for pot bellied pigs
46 Awesome Names for Pot-Bellied Pigs
pet name ideas for pairs of pets
Ideas for Naming Your Pair of Pets
The Best Names for Hamsters
Find the Perfect Name for Your Hamster
Black and white goat with tilted head in dry field
54 Name Ideas for Pet Goats and Sheep
Girl Holding a Pot Bellied Pig
Find the Perfect Name for Your Exotic Pet
African pygmy hedgehog being held
Exotic Pet Names That Start With 'L'
Gray chincilla laying on wooden table closeup
12 Best Exotic Pets for Apartment Living
A red fox cub running in the grass
Keeping and Caring for a Pet Russian Red Fox
Woman feeding water to a tiger
How to Take Care of Pet Tigers
Hamster with front feet on ledge
Find a Name for Your Exotic Pet That Starts With H or I
Close up of capybaras in grass by water
Learn How to Keep and Take Care of Pet Capybaras
Prairie Dog
Should You Have a Prairie Dog as a Pet?
Fun loving Gerbils
These Exotic Pets Are Good with Kids
Capuchin monkey
Keeping and Caring for Pet Capuchin Monkeys
Degu in hands
Keeping and Caring for Pet Degus
Close-Up Of Turtle In Tank
Here's How to Set Up a Thermal Gradient for Your Pet Reptiles
name ideas for frogs and toads
Discover the Best Name for Your Pet Frog or Toad
names for your pet mouse
100 Famous and Fun Names for Your Pet Mice
Male fiddler crab on wet sand
How to Care for a Pet Fiddler Crab
Argentine black and white tegu
Exotic Pet Names That Start With "T"
A close-up of a hermit crab
How to Keep Your Hermit Crab Happy in Its Tank
Small axolotl pet walking on bottom of tank in profile
Keeping and Caring for Axolotls as Pets
Pot bellied pig profile
How Long Do Pot Bellied Pigs Live?
Black tarantula spider climbing person's hand closeup
10 Best Exotic Pets for Small Spaces
Close up of a snake
An A to Z List of Exotic Pets
Giant African land snail: achatina achatina mkuze zululand
Giant African Land Snails Make Terrible Pets
Close-up of a praying mantis on a stick
How to Keep a Pet Praying Mantis
Tiny gray hamster
Is it Safe to Use Bleach to Clean Exotic Pet Cages?
Chinese Water Dragon in captivity
Make Sure Your Pet Water Dragon Stays Healthy With the Right Light
Chinese water dragon on a rock.
Caring for a Pet Chinese Water Dragon
Pot bellied pig
Spaying and Neutering Pot Bellied Pigs
Squirrel snacking at the windowsill
Keep Pet Squirrels Healthy With This Nutrition Guide
Armadillo sitting in the grass.
Armadillos Make Good Pets for the Right Owner
Three degus sitting on a tree stump.
Treating Degu Tail Injuries
two rabbits in a cage
Exotic Pet Names That Start With 'M'
Skunk in grass
Keeping and Caring for Skunks as Pets
How Do You Safely Trim Iguana Nails?
Lesser anteater walking
Exotic Pet Names That Start With 'D' and 'E'
Kinkajou (Potos flavus) sitting on a branch
Do Kinkajous Make Good Pets?
Red fox cub
What Should a Pet Fox Eat to Stay Healthy?