Top 10 Ich and External Fish Parasite Treatments

Medications Effective Against Parasitic Infestions

Parasitic infestations in a saltwater aquarium are among the most feared and difficult to treat. There are a number of medications on the market designed to prevent and/or eliminate parasites. Some can be used with invertebrates, some can not. Read and follow included instructions and cautions carefully before using.

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    Chem-Marin Stop Parasites
    Chem-Marin Stop Parasites. Courtesy of

    Natural ingredients remove all types of parasites, including saltwater Ich.

    Completely safe for all fish, invertebrates, and corals and does not harm the fish's liver as does copper.

    This organic solution is 99% effective in fresh and saltwater aquariums.

    Stop Parasites works by first enhancing the slime coat on fish, which will remove all parasites.

    Then it uses another additive, which the parasites attach themselves to as a false host, and the parasites are then naturally removed through your...MORE protein skimmer or mechanical filtration.

    Another agent in the product works to speed up appetite and build the immune system of the fish being treated.

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    CopperSafe. Courtesy of

    Manufactured by Mardel Laboratories.

    Stabilized copper that effectively treats external ich, velvet, flukes, and other parasites. Maintains a therapeutic level of copper that is safe for fish, but is effective against parasites.

    This product is not reef safe.

    For use in freshwater or saltwater fish aquariums only.

    One dose treats for one month.

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    Cupramine. Courtesy of

    Manufactured by Seachem.

    This buffered, active copper is claimed to be safer than copper sulfate or chelates for eradicating ectoparasites.

    4X concentration gap between the minimal therapeutic dose and the toxic dose.

    Fully ionic and effective at low concentrations.

    Safe for filter bed. Can be removed with chemical filtration.

    Not for use with invertebrates.

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    IchAttack. Courtesy of
    Manufactured by Kordon.

    100% organic (multiple natural herbals containing Naphthoquinon).

    Active ingredients treat diseases caused by Ich, fungus, protozoans, and dinoflagellates.

    Does not affect beneficial nitrifying bacteria.

    Can be used with all Kordon Water Conditioners such as NovAqua, AmQuel, and PolyAqua, all Kordon Water Clarifiers (TransClear and Sea Clear) and all AquaTru Water Quality Test Kits.

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    Ich-X. Courtesy of

    Manufactured by Hikari.

    For the treatment of Ich, cryptocaryon, velvet, and Ich related conditions.

    Malachite green formula provides proven healing, and slime coat replacer which speeds recovery and reduces further infection.

    Use with caution in aquariums with invertebrates.

    Ingredients: Water, formaldehyde (

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    Instant Ocean Lifeguard
    Instant Ocean Lifeguard. Courtesy of
    This treatment, Manufactured by Aquarium Systems, uses a new method to cure parasites.

    Broad-spectrum treatment effective against marine ich and oodinium.

    Non-antibiotic tablets rely on powerful oxidizing action to attack and destroy a wide range of disease-causing microorganisms.

    Treats infectious ailments such as ich, oodinium, and more.

    Place tablets in floating dispenser to allow medication to dissolve and distribute evenly throughout the aquarium.

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    Rid-Ich+. Courtesy of
    Manufactured by Kordon.

    Treats saltwater external parasites such as Cryptocaryon and Amyloodinium. Also treats fungal infections in fishes.

    Contains formaldehyde and a zinc-free chloride salt of malachite green.

    Not recommended for use in aquariums containing invertebrates.

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    Ruby Reef KICK-ICH
    Ruby Reef KICK-ICH. Courtesy of

    Ruby Reef Safe Kick-Ich is a water treatment for the control of ich in marine and freshwater aquaria. It has been scientifically formulated to eliminate the free swimming, infectious stage of the ich life cycle.

    Ruby Reef KICK-ICH controls the progressive infection and reinfection of aquarium fish by interrupting the free swimming, infectious stage of the ich life cycle.

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    Ruby Reef Rally
    Ruby Reef Rally. Courtesy of

    Reef Safe Rally is a copper free water treatment. It can be used in any tropical (freshwater) or marine aquarium with harmful bacteria, flukes, or oodinium. Safe for plants and invertebrates.

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    Super Ick Cure
    Super Ick Cure. Courtesy of

    Pharmaceutical grade active ingredients for maximum efficacy.

    Quick-dissolving powder for faster treatment of aquarium ich. Also available in liquid form.

    Effective treatment for Ich, a highly contagious disease, also called White Spot Disease.

    Quickly kills the Ich parasite, usually within 24 hours. Combats secondary bacterial infections.

    Human warning: Carcinogenesis: Nitrofurazone, an active ingredient in Super Ick Cure, has been shown to produce mammary tumors on rats and ovarian tumors on mice.

    A...MOREctive ingredients: 3.6 mg Malachite Green and 60 mg Nitrofurazone per packet.