Facts About Tuxedo Cats

Researched and verified by Dr. Magrathea Wallace aka Maggie

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I was amazed and mystified to read some of these facts, although friends owned by tuxedos may agree with many of them. Thanks to Dr. Wallace and her personal assistant, Randy Wallace, for taking the time to assemble and submit these facts.

The truth will become clear, as you read further. One fact, which is indisputable, is that tuxedo cats are stunning, with their white bibs and spats against their sleek black coats and tails. The combination, of course, is how the term "tuxedo" was...MORE first coined.

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    Superior Intelligence of Tuxedo Cats

    Tuxedo cats (or TCs) are significantly more intelligent than regular cats (including all other breeds and varieties). Research indicates that this difference may be as great as 200%.

    Other cats living in the same households as TCs benefit from this and may see temporary increases in intelligence of 5-10%.

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    Environment of the Tuxedo Cat

    People who have agreed to serve TCs as food providers and toy throwers are more attractive than the average humans.

    Dogs are afraid of TCs.

    People who win lotteries are statistically more likely to live with TCs.

    Plants grown in houses where TCs reside are healthier and generally 20-50% larger than plants in non-TC households.

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    Tuxedo Cats and the Arts

    In recognition of their formal attire, tuxedo cats are the only felines admitted to performances of the metropolitan opera.

    The musical style known as 'The Blues' is widely acknowledged as the being inspired by the nighttime serenades of lovesick tuxies.

    William Shakespeare owned a tuxedo cat, as did Beethoven and Sir Isaac Newton.

    In the original "Lassie" stories, Lassie was a tuxedo cat. The role was re-cast as a Collie after no TC willing to accept the role could be found. They...MORE all refused the role as 'undignified' and 'demeaning.'

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    Tuxedo Cat Popularity

    "Tuxedo Cat" is the most googled term on the Internet after "Paris Hilton" and "Free P*rn."

    Franny's Note: In deference to various "spam blockers," the inserted asterisk is mine. While I did not verify the claim of "most googled term," I did find out one interesting fact. Under search results, "Tuxedo Cats" garnered 377,000 results, while "Paris Hilton" yielded 71,200,000 results. I take this as a vivid testimony to the discerning...MORE selectivity of tuxedo cats and their fans; proof that TCs are not hungry for fame.

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    Tuxedo Cats in History

    Over 70% of all the cats pictured in Egyptian royal tombs are tuxedo cats.

    The first cat in the new world was a Tuxedo cat named Asgerd who accompanied (some literature indicates she led) early Viking expeditions to the North American continent.

    A TC named Buster flew 17 combat missions over Europe with the US Eighth Air Force during WW II. He was shot down in January 1944 and spent the remainder of the war in a German Prisoner of War camp, where he was credited with improving the standard of...MORE living through his diligent rodent control efforts.

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    Richest Cat

    The largest inheritance ever left to a cat (over $6.3 million) was left to a tuxedo cat named Sparky in 1998.
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    Tuxedo Cat Olympic Medalist

    A TC earned an Olympic silver medal in the 1960 winter Olympics as a member of the Swiss four man (three man and one cat) bobsled team.

    Franny's Note: The award is still under dispute after a protest was filed by the Alaskan team, which consisted of three men and a Malamute dog. They claimed that the TCs raised tail created a favorable windspeed factor, which gave an unfair advantage to the Swiss team.

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    Tuxedo Cats in Exploration

    A TC named Roderick is the only feline ever to climb Mt. Everest.

    NASA is making plans to allow a tuxedo cat to be the first pet on the Moon, with studies indicating that TCs are also well suited for the Mars missions.

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    Other Amazing Facts About Tuxedo Cats

    Tuxedo cats can, in an emergency, drive a car.

    When a full moon occurs on the vernal or diurnal equinox, TCs can become invisible.

    As kittens, tuxies will open their eyes 24 hours before regular cats.

    Tuxedos are the best swimmers in the feline family, but they will shun forever any who human who puts them in the water.

    Tuxedo cats can add single digit numbers and perform simple integrations.

    TCs can see infrared light.

    Franny's Note: I hope you enjoyed Dr. Magrathea's highly interesting and...MORE unusual facts about these highly beautiful cats we call "Tuxedos." If you haven't already figured it out, you will be able to see Magrathea's photo in a brand new 2008 Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery.

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