Frequently Asked Questions About EPM or Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis

The Top 12 Questions About Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) Answered

Here are common questions asked about Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis or EPM. Find the answers to your questions about EPM and horses.

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    Could My Horse Get EPM?

    Belgian Horse
    A Belgian. Image: K. Blocksdorf

    Is your horse at risk of getting EPM and developing symptoms? 

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    Do Opossums Give Horses EPM?

    opossum. 2007 Richard Dudley

    Are opposums the only way a horse can get EPM?

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    What Is the Recovery Rate for Horses With EPM?

    horse lying down
    horse lying down. mk

    After being treated, how well do horses recover from EPM?

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    What Alternative Therapies Could Help a Horse Recover from EPM?

    Star and Snip Markings
    Horse ears. Image: K. Blocksdorf

    Are there any alternative therapies that will help my horse, or compliment how my horse is being treated by the veterinarian?

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    Will all Horses Exposed to EPM Get It?

    horses in snow at bale
    Horses on snowy day. Image: K. Blocksdorf

    Have you heard that a large percentage of the horse population is exposed to the EPM virus? Will all of those horses get it?

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    Is There Any Other Way, Besides Ingesting Opposum Feces, For a Horse To Get EPM?

    hay bale
    hay bale. Image: K. Blocksdorf

    Are there other ways a horse can get EPM?

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    Is There a Pre-Purchase Test For EPM?

    Vet Checking horse
    Vet Checking horse. Image: K. Blocksdorf

    Before I buy a horse, can I get it tested to see if it has EPM?

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    Is There a Vaccine to Protect Horses Against EPM?

    CTR vet check
    CTR vet check. 2007 K. Blocksdorf

    When it is time for your horse's yearly vaccination, can you include a vaccine for EPM?

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    Is EPM Curable?

    Is it possible for a vet to treat a horse and cure it from EPM?

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    What Areas of North America is EPM Prevalant?

    What areas in North America can EPM be found. Are there any maps?

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    Can My Horse Get EPM From Another Horse?

    horses grazing
    horses grazing. Image: K. Blocksdorf

    My horse is the same stable as a horse that has EPM? Can my horse catch EPM from that horse?

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    Do Opossums Give Horses EPM?

    Opossum on fence
    Opossum on fence. Photo: 2010 linder6580-stock.xchng

    Is it possible for a horse to catch EPM from an opossum?

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