Can Fire Bellied Toads and Fire Bellied Newts Live Together?

Fire-bellied Toad on Leaf

Lucidio Studio Inc./ Corbis / Getty Images

Fire-bellied newts and fire-bellied toads seem pretty similar in their care, but can they live together in the same tank?

Though it is sometimes tempting to mix species when their care seems similar, it's best to not combine different species of amphibians in the same tank or vivarium. In the specific case of fire-bellied toads and fire-bellied newts, there are several reasons why this could be a bad idea:

  • The biggest problem is the appetite of the fire-bellied toad. They are fairly aggressive eaters and many will not hesitate to try to make a meal of a fire-bellied newt. Newts have been injured (often lost limbs) or killed by fire-bellied toads. Even if the fire-bellied toads don't go after the newts, the newts are bound to be stressed by the presence of a potential predator in the same tank.
  • Skin toxins: Both fire-bellied newts and fire-bellied toads can secrete skin toxins. It is thought that the toxins are different and distinct and they could potentially affect each other.

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