Caring for Fish & Aquariums

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anchor worm in fish
Anchor Worms in Freshwater Fish
goldfish in a tank
Best Tank Mates for Goldfish
Tetra with Fuzz on Skin
Saprolegnia in Freshwater Fish
low-maintenance aquarium
How to Create and Maintain a Minimal-Maintenance Aquarium
Bright blue and pink beta fish swimming in fresh-water tank closeup
Low-Maintenance Freshwater Fish for Beginners
Neon tetras in planted tank
Freshwater Aquarium Fish Compatibility
Clown Triggerfish
7 Aggressive Saltwater Fish
Goldfish swimming
15 Classic Goldfish Names
Adult Emperor Angelfish
Emperor Angelfish: Species Profile
Duncan coral
How to Care for a Duncan Coral
Freshwater Fish Tank
Tuberculosis in Aquarium Fish
betta fish in a saltwater aquarium
How to Treat White Spot Disease in Saltwater Fish
Cichlid tank decorated with live and fake plants
How to Set Up a Cichlid Aquarium
Red-bellied pacu freshwater aquarium fish
Skin Ulcers in Freshwater Fish
Blue Green Chromis fish
The Blue Green Chromis Fish Is a Beautiful Addition to Saltwater Fish Tanks
Neon Tetras in Planted Fish Tank
Which Freshwater Fish Species Are Best for Heated Tanks?
Beautiful freshwater planted aquarium
Lymphocystis in Freshwater Fish
peppermint angelfish
Most Unique and Rare Saltwater Aquarium Fish
Convict Cichlid
Aggressive Aquarium Freshwater Fish
black sturgeonfish
Get to Know the Convict Tang (Convict Surgeonfish)
Angel Fish Swimming in fishtank with floating plants ( Pterophyllum scalare)
Top 14 Floating Plants for Your Aquarium
Carinotetraodon travancoricus
Pea Puffer Fish Species Profile
Koi with side ulcer possibly from pseudomoniasis
How to Treat Pseudomoniasis in Fish
A white goldfish in its tank.
70 Names for White Fish
Leech on the back of a fish
How to Treat Leeches in Freshwater Fish
Two betta fish facing off
Reasons Why Betta Fish Fight and How to Stop It
Yellow and white koi fish swimming near water surface
Koi Fish Species Profile
Koi in koi pond
Everything You Wanted to Know About Koi Ponds
Pepper corydora sifting through substrate
11 Top Catfish Species for Your Aquarium
Two Pictus catfish in an aquarium
Learn All About the Pictus Catfish
A 15 year old comet goldfish in a 100 gallon tank
Learn All About the Comet Goldfish
two silver arowena fish in water
Silver Arowana Fish Species Profile
fish name ideas
57 Great Name Ideas for Your Pet Fish
Stunning red killifish swimming in an aquarium.
Learn Everything You Need to Know About the Killifish
Axolotl in the water
What Kind of Water Is Safe for Pet Axolotls?
Fish In Aquarium
How to Keep Your Aquarium Fish Healthy - the 10 Top Tips
Tiger barb or Sumatra barb Puntius tetrazona tropical aquarium fish
What Is the Scientific Name for Your Favorite Fish With the Letter T?
low-maintenance aquarium
Determine the Perfect Timing for Your Aquarium Lights
Betta fish
How Long Do Bettas Usually Live and How Do You Keep Them Healthy?
Beard Algae
How to Remove Beard Algae From Your Aquarium
hermit crab with legs out
What to Do If Your Hermit Crab Loses a Leg
A ludwigia repens without characteristic red leaves, while beautiful, may be a sign of low light or insufficient nutrients
The Stunning Red Ludwigia Repens: Use in an Aquarium
Hermit Crab
The Miracle of Molting: Preparation Signs in a Hermit Crab
hermit crab in shell
How to Choose Shells for Your Hermit Crabs
Fish bowls are bad for fish
Why You Should Never Keep Your Pet Fish in a Bowl
Betta swimming in planted aquarium fish tank
What Plants are Safe for Betta Fish?
Betta fish foraging for food
Learn How Much to Feed Your Betta Fish
Betta fish sleeping on leaf
Is My Betta Sleeping Too Much?
Goldfish in a tank
Learn How to Take Care of Goldfish
Aquarium with cichlids fish from lake malawi
How to Stock an Aquarium With Different Levels of Fish
Blood parrot showing small mouth
The Blood Parrot Cichlid Fish Is a Controversial Hybrid
Fishbowl and an aquarium on a sideboard
Tips to Determine the Sex of Your Fish
Raising Aquarium Fish in Hard Water Conditions
An aquarium lit dynamically by LED lights
Who Wins the War for Dynamic Aquarium Lighting?
Orange fish swimming in glass fishbowl
Clean Fishbowls Regularly to Keep Fish Healthy
Lovely little girl admiring fish in aquarium
How to Buy the Perfect Aquarium for a Child
aquarium tank
Get the Specs on Your Fish Aquarium
Goldfish Swimming In Aquarium
How and Why You Should Seed a New Aquarium
Pool test kit
Chlorine vs. Chloramine: What's in Your Water?
mini aquatic plants landscape for sale
Lighting Requirements for Plants in Community Aquariums