Common and Scientific Names of Fish: B

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Casual aquarium hobbyists and fish enthusiasts usually refer to different types of fish by their common names. Occasionally these names match the official, scientific names of the fish (such as the Bettas or Tetras), but more often the common name bears little resemblance to the scientific name by which the fish is categorized in the scientific literature. If you want to learn more about a specific species of fish, it's crucial that you know its official Latin name. The following list presents a grouping of fish with common names starting with B.

Bandit Cory 

Corydoras metae. Also sometimes called the Bandit Catfish, this Cory comes from Columbia and grows to about two inches. It is a peaceful, bottom-dwelling aquarium fish that needs to be kept in groups of at least three of its own kind; lone fish will become very shy and usually don't live very long. 

The name "bandit" comes from the dark banding that runs from gill to gill over the top of the head. Since it is from the family of catfish, the Banded Cory does not have scales, but rather an armored skin. 


Betta splendens. The Betta is often known by another common name, the Siamese Fighting Fish. This is one of the most popular of all aquarium fish, due to the bright color and long flowing fins of the males. It is a relatively short-lived fish (two or three years) that grows to about three inches in size. 

Do not keep two males in the same tank, as they will spar and may injure or kill one another. This fish is often kept in small glass bowls, but this is a somewhat inhumane practice. They will thrive in tanks two gallons or more in capacity and should be kept with other fish of roughly the same size or larger. 

Betta fish

Black Banded Leporinus 

Leporinus fasciatus. This is an aggressive fish that grows rather large for an aquarium fish (up to 12 inches). It requires a minimum tank size of 55 gallons. This yellow and black striped specimen is somewhat rare as an aquarium fish; it will be a conversation piece in your tank.

The Leporinus is somewhat difficult to raise, and doing so is a sign of a skilled enthusiast. It has been known to jump out of its tank and will devour all living plants in an aquarium. 

Black banded leporinus
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Black Phantom Tetra

Megalamphodus megalopterus. This species makes an interesting contrast to many of the other brightly-colored tetras with its silver color and black edging. They will readily school with other tetras and make a visually pleasing contrast with their more colorful cousins.

The Black Phantom is a peaceful fish that will coexist happily with other fish. Although they may spar with other males, they rarely cause serious injury. Growing to only about 1.75 inches, this is a very easy fish to care for. For a small fish, it lives rather long—up to five years. 

Black phantom tetra
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Other Fish Species With Common Names Starting With B

  • Baby Whale - Petrocephalus bovei bovei
  • Badis - Badis badis
  • Baenschi's Peacock - Aulonocara baenschi
  • Bala Shark - Balantiocheilus melanopterus
  • Ballon Platy - Xiphophorus sp.
  • Balzani's Earth Eater - Gymnogeophagus balzanii
  • Banded Barb - Barbus fasciatus
  • Banded Cichlid - Heros severus
  • Banded Climbing Perch - Microctenopoma fasciolatum
  • Banded Dwarf Cichlid - Apistogramma bitaeniata
  • Banded Gourami - Colisa fasciata
  • Banded Loach - Botia hymenophysa
  • Banded Pimelodid - Pimelodus clarias clarias
  • Banded Rainbowfish - Melanotaenia trifasciata
  • Banded Shovelnose Catfish - Brachyplatystoma juruense
  • Bandeira Catfish - Goslinia platynema
  • Bandit Cichlid - Aequidens geayi
  • Barbatus Corydorus - Corydoras barbatus
  • Barramundi - Lates calcarifer
  • Barred Loach - Nemacheilus fasciatus
  • Batfish, Freshwater - Myxocyprinus asiaticus
  • Beauforti's Loach - Botia beauforti
  • Beluga Sturgeon - Huso huso
  • Bengal Danio - Danio devario
  • Bengal Loach - Botia dario
  • Benny Tetra - Creagrutus beni
  • Berdmore's Loach - Botia berdmorei
  • Berney's Shark Catfish - Arius graeffei
  • Big Scale Tetra - Brycinus macrolepidotus
  • Big-Eyed Synodontis - Synodontis pleurops
  • Big-Eyed Xenotilapia - Xenotilapia sima
  • Big-Mouth Hap - Tyrannochromis macrostoma
  • Big-Toothed Piranha - Serrasalmus denticulatus
  • Bill Tetra - Phago boulengeri
  • Black Acara - "Cichlasoma" portalegrense
  • Black Adonis Pleco - Acanthicus hystrix
  • Black Arowana - Osteoglossum ferrerai
  • Black Banded Pyrrhulina - Copella nigrofasciata
  • Black Barred Myleus - Myleus schomburgkii
  • Black Belt Cichlid - Vieja maculicauda
  • Black Buffalo - Ictiobus niger
  • Black Bullhead - Ictalurus melas
  • Black-Chinned Xenotilapia - Enantiopus melanogenys
  • Black Darter Tetra - Poecilocharax weitzmani
  • Black Devil Stingray - Potamotrygon leopoldi
  • Black Diamond Gold Piranha - Serrasalmus spilopleura
  • Black Fin Cichlid - Paracyprichromis nigripinnis
  • Black Fin Cory - Corydoras leucomelas
  • Black Finned Doradid - Hassar notospilus
  • Black Fin Shark - Arius seemanni
  • Black Ghost Knifefish - Apteronotus albifrons
  • Black Lancer - Bagrichthys hypselopterus
  • Black Lined Rainbowfish - Melanotaenia maccullochi
  • Black Neon Tetra - Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
  • Black Pacu - Colossoma macropomum
  • Black Piranha - Serrasalmus niger
  • Black Ruby Barb - Barbus nigrofasciatus
  • Black Shark - Labeo chrysophekadion
  • Black Spot Barb - Barbus filamentosus
  • Black Stripe Dwarf Cichlid - Taeniacara candidi
  • Black Tetra - Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
  • Black Wedge Tetra - Hemigrammus pulcher
  • Black and White Julie - Julidochromis transcriptus
  • Black Widow Tetra - Gymnocorymbus ternetzi
  • Black-Winged Hatchetfish - Carnegiella marthae
  • Blackskirt Tetra - Gymnocorymbus ternetzi