9 Pugs to Follow if You Love Doug the Pug

Four pugs sitting in a red wagon wearing red striped shirts.

Pugdashians / Instagram

Doug the Pug is one of the most famous pets on the internet. Even if you don’t follow Doug on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve likely seen him in celebrity photos, music videos, and award shows. The pug from Nashville, TN, first became popular on Instagram because of the adorable photos his owner posts of him in precarious situations. Doug now has 4 million followers from across the globe.

His is one of many lovable pet accounts on Instagram as pet photos are rapidly gaining popularity. The accounts seem to make it possible for non-pet people to have their own low-maintenance pet without any of what some people think are negatives that come with being a pet parent. Pet owners can share their one-of-a-kind pet with viewers across the world at the click of a button. It’s a win-win situation. There are plenty of pet accounts to follow on the Instagram platform. There are even a handful of pug accounts following Doug’s lead.

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    Bubblebecca Pugs

    Several black and white pugs laying on green grass.

    bubblebeccapugs / Instagram

    Is your dream to live with a horde of rescue pugs? Ours too. You can live out your dream virtually by following this account. Bubblebecca Pugs is a pug rescue based in the United Kingdom. They vow to take in any pug from anywhere, at any time and make sure it has a happy life, whether that means at their rescue or with a new forever family who will care for it. They take lots of photos and videos of the adorable pugs that come through their rescue to post on social media. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new BFF on their feed!

    Follow @Bubblebeccapugs on Instagram.

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    Mean Mug Pug

    A tan pug with black ears and facial marks looking at the camera with wide eyes and an underbite.

    meanmugpug / Instagram

    Don’t judge Ozzy by her harsh facial features. She may look mean, but her owners assure everyone she’s a sweetie. Ozzy was rescued in 2015 from Central Coast Pug Rescue in Hollywood. Ever since her owners have been posting her funny mug all over social media in an effort to raise awareness of dog rescues. Follow her Instagram feed to see all of Ozzy’s antics and fawn over her adorable “mean mug” every day.

    Follow @meanmugpug on Instagram.

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    Four pugs dressed in white striped hoodies looking at the camera while posed in a red wagon.

    Pugdashians / Instagram 

    Sissy, Tilly, Natty, and Missy are absolutely hilarious. Their feed is full of photos and videos of them having fun and enjoying their lovely life in Maine. Sometimes they even prance around in funny costumes. You heard that right. These charming pugs will have you belly laughing for hours on end.

    Follow @pugdashians on Instagram.

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    Mack the Adventure Pug

    A pug in a red harness looking up over the camera in front of a meadow of flowers.

    pugventurephoto / Instagram

    Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t adventure with the rest of them. That’s what Mack the Adventure Pug is working to prove. Mack travels with his human across the United States, making his way to beautiful viewpoints and stunning mountaintops. If you love nature and cute pugs, this is the account for you.

    Follow @pugventurephoto on instagram.

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    Surf Gidget the Pug

    A white pug on a pink surfboard riding a wave.

    Surf Gidget the Pug / Instagram

    Adorable and talented? Sign us up! Gidget is a rare white pug and a pro surf dog. She competes all over sunny Southern California and has won medals from a number of them. She’s even appeared in Sports Illustrated for her surfing skills. Gidget is always showing off her skills on her Instagram page—don’t miss it!

    Follow @surf_gidget_the_pug on Instagram.

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    Jeremy Veach & Norm

    A pug in front of a white background wearing googly eye glasses.

    Jeremy Veach / Instagram

    Jeremy Veach is a talented photographer who loves documenting his adventures with his best friend, Norm, who happens to be a pug. Norm is adorable and Jeremy’s gorgeous photos show off his fun-loving, goofy personality well. Jeremy and Norm live in a bus together. Living on the road makes every day an adventure for the pair.

    Follow @Jeremyveach on Instagram.

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    Sir Axle Rod the Pug

    A pug asleep on his owner's leg with his tongue out.

    Sir Axlerod the Pug / Instagram

    Derpy dogs are often the cutest —at least in our humble opinion. If you love derpy dogs as much as us, Sir Axle Rod is the dog for you. From his Instagram feed, you can tell he absolutely loves napping, preferably with his tongue hanging out. His Instagram and Facebook pages document his daily life living with the humans he loves most in the world.

    Follow @siraxlerodthepug on Instagram.

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    Zombie Pug

    A pug with a green spiked collar looking at the camera.

    Zombie Pug / Instagram

    This account first gained popularity thanks to Igor the pug, whose adorable face graced their timeline on a daily basis. Igor sadly crossed the rainbow bridge and passed on his account to his equally adorable brother, Zombie. Zombie’s owner's post regular photos of this cutie to give you an extra dose of happiness as you scroll through your social media feed.

    Follow @igorpugdog on Instagram.

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    Timmy O'Pug

    A pug with a wheelchair on the street.

    Timmy O'Pug / Instagram 

    Following this cutie will guarantee you an extra smile each and every day. Timmy O’Pug was adopted as a senior dog. His mobility issues make it difficult for him to walk, but he has a sweet set of wheels to get him around. His photos show his life snoozing his days away and adventuring in the streets of Chicago in the most adorable fashion possible. Sometimes you’ll even get a peek at his fuzzy pug brother, Eli.

    Follow @timmyopug on Instagram.