8 Dog Friends to Follow if You Love Harlow and Sage

A corgi wearing a bow tie licking the ear of a dachshund also wearing a bow tie.

@thedapple_ / Instagram

No one can resist puppy best friends. That’s why Harlow and Sage, along with their pet siblings Indiana, Reese, and Ezra, are so internet famous. Everyone loves their goofy antics and adorable cuddle sessions. Trust us, it’s hard not to fawn over their feed for hours on end.

In the beginning, their account was all about besties Harlow and Sage. After Sage, a miniature dachshund, passed away, Harlow, a Weimaraner, went looking for some new besties to be by his side. That’s when they brought Indiana into the family and, later, Reese. Both Indiana and Reese are miniature dachshunds, just like Sage.

If you’d like to follow another Instagram account celebrating beautiful pet friendships or just funny dogs in general, we have some suggestions. These accounts are sure to give you a belly laugh each and every day as you scroll through your feed.

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    Copper and Lily

    Two doodle dogs wearing bows and looking at the camera.

    @copper.and.lily / Instagram

    The doodle craze is real, everybody. If you haven’t gotten on board, it’s time to follow Copper and Lily on Instagram. These therapy dogs in training are two peas in a pod. And there’s something for everyone on their account, too. Find excellent home décor inspiration, grooming tips, and much more with Copper and Lily.

    Follow Copper and Lily on Instagram.

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    The Dapple

    A dachshund and corgi wearing bandannas and laying on their backs.

    @thedapple_ / Instagram

    These two long boys may look very different, but they get along just perfectly. If you have never seen a corgi and a dachshund cuddle and pose together, you’re missing out. Dave the dachshund and Elizabeth the Corgi’s love for each other is evident in every photo they post.

    Follow The Dapple on Instagram.

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    German Shepherd Family

    Two german shepherds laying in the garden.

    @meowfromharry / Instagram

    Stunning. That’s one word to describe the Instagram feed of this beautiful family of pets. With five German Shepherds and three cats, it’s a big family, but that’s part of why it’s so great. Their Instagram account lets you in on their unique world. Follow along with Ulya, Uber, Nord, Dara, Lorry, Harry, Rudik, and Elsa on their daily romps in the yard and impressive training sessions.

    Follow German Shepherd Family on Instagram.

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    Princess Mila and Gremlin Zoe

    Two boston terriers dressed up as monsters and standing in front of a pink background.

    @mila.and.zoe / Instagram

    With their bug eyes, pricked ears, and goofy grins, Boston Terriers are undeniably charming. You get double the fun with this account following Boston Terriers Mila and Zoe. The two besties love to dress up and pose together, especially if it involves their favorite color -- pink. Thousands of users follow their page, and for good reason⁠—their photos are simply dazzling.

    Follow Mila and Zoe on Instagram.

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    A dark brown miniature dachshund wearing a pink sweater.

    @lolalittledash / Instagram

    If following Harlow and Sage doesn’t give you enough miniature dachshund content, we get it. Can there ever be too much dachshund content? Not likely. Give Lola, another adorable miniature dachshund, a follow on Instagram and catch her regular photos and stories where she shows off her cuteness and top-notch costume collection.

    Follow Lola on Instagram.

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    Belle and Arlo

    A dachshund wearing a bandanna sitting next to a golden retriever wearing a bandanna in the grass in front of a fountain.

    @two_blonde_pups / Instagram 

    Looking for a daily mood booster? Follow this Instagram account. Belle and Arlo are absolutely adorable. Like the account of Harlow and Sage, this account features a friendship between a big dog and a little dog—both beautiful pups. Their humans capture their life so well, making their Instagram feed so fun to peruse. Don’t sleep on this cute content!

    Follow Belle and Arlo on Instagram.

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    Four Maine Mutts

    A mixed breed large dog smiling at the camera while walking through the woods.

    @fourmainemutts / Instagram

    Big dog lovers will fawn over these four cuties. Diego, Ruby, Farren, and Strawberry are all mixed-breed dogs, otherwise known as mutts. Some people look down on mutts because of the fact that they aren’t purebred, but mutts have a ton of redeeming qualities. And they are so unique, there’s no other dog out there as wonderful as them. The humans behind Four Maine Mutts love to talk about their pets’ backgrounds and offer fun facts along with endearing shots of the dogs going on grand adventures in their home state of Maine.

    Follow Four Maine Mutts on Instagram.

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    Ghost and Wren

    Two Italian greyhound dogs wearing sweatshirts and curled up next to each other on a pink blanket.

    @ghost.and.wren / Instagram

    It’s no wonder thousands of Instagram users follow Ghost and Wren. These two internet-famous pups are undeniably cute. Just look at their feed—we promise you won’t regret it. Ghost and Wren are two tiny Italian Greyhounds from the same litter. They’ve been best buds since the beginning of time and we don’t think that will change anytime soon.

    Follow Ghost and Wren on Instagram.