11 Frenchies to Follow if You Love Manny the Frenchie

A black and brown French Bulldog in a shower cap in a bath tub.

@heyhamlet / Instagram

If you want a big dog personality in a little dog package, then a French Bulldog could be for you. Also known as Frenchies, these pups are small but mighty, with big, pricked ears that make them look like a cute cartoon come to life. Frenchies are generally happy-go-lucky dogs with lots of energy. They absolutely love to play, but they also absolutely love to snooze. This breed is especially great for families as they get along well with kids and are exceptionally playful.

Instagram allows those who love Frenchies but may not feel ready to own one quite yet to see their lovable faces each and every day. Users can follow pet accounts where owners post photos and videos of their pet’s daily antics. Sometimes the photos are staged and even involve costumes, but sometimes they are simple portraits of their furry BFF. We don’t mind either way—just keep the dog pics coming. If you love Manny the Frenchies account, then these ones below will likely appeal too.

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    A white Frenchie with a flower crown on sitting up on the couch with a blanket on its lap holding a TV remote.

    @dailydanger / Instagram

    Dogs in costume are the funniest. A Frenchie in costume? Even funnier. Danger’s Instagram account is a must-follow if you want all the funny Frenchie content. His pet parents post pictures and videos regularly of Danger being silly, getting into trouble, and snoozing the day away. Danger is a white Frenchie, which is less common in the Frenchie world.

    Follow Danger on Instagram.

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    Besties Lola & Pepe

    Two Frenchies sitting at a wood table and looking at the camera with perked ears.

    @lola_pepe_frenchies / Instagram

    Lola and Pepe are two best friend Frenchies taking on the world together. Their Instagram bio says it all—Lola is a little bit crazy and Pepe is a little bit lazy. And in that way, their personalities are a perfect match. Their Instagram feed is full of photos of them going on adventures together—often in coordinated outfits—and, occasionally, enjoying life on their own. This pair is as charming as can be.

    Follow Lola & Pepe on Instagram.

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    Izzy the Frenchie

    A grey Frenchie wearing a pink puffy vest and a gold chain.

    @izzythe.frenchie / Instagram

    Do you love to see Frenchies in funny glasses? Us too. That’s why we love following Izzy. She’s often wearing the latest and greatest shades in her glamour shots. She’s fashionable and adorable—talk about a double whammy!

    Follow Izzy on Instagram.

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    4oe Thee Frenchie

    A grey Frenchie looking out the window of a car with his mouth open.

    @frenchie4oe / Instagram

    This is the official Instagram account for famed rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s fur-child, 4oe (pronounced “For.”) He is a one-of-a-kind superstar, traveling with the artist everywhere she goes, including on tour. He even posts some of the pair’s glamorous photoshoot photos, which prove that this Frenchie is an excellent and very handsome model.

    Follow 4oe on Instagram.

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    Sir Teddy Bear

    A light brown Frenchie splashing through the water at the beach.

    @sir.teddy.bear.the.frenchie / Instagram

    French Bulldogs commonly exhibit coat colors including brindle, cream, and fawn. Sir Teddy Bear the Frenchie has a striking red fawn coat. When you look at Sir Teddy Bear’s Instagram feed, you’ll instantly see that he is an exceptionally dashing pup.

    Follow Sir Teddy Bear on Instagram.

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    Royce the Frenchie

    A dark brindle Frenchie wearing a white shirt and vans shoes while standing on a yellow skateboard.

    @roycethefrenchie / Instagram

    Explore the shores of San Francisco and the streets of New York City with the cutest dog as your guide. That’s what Royce The Frenchie’s Instagram promises. Royce, a small French bulldog with a dark brindle coat, is always up for an adventure. Plus, he looks good doing it. He’s even been featured as a model for Vogue, so he really knows how to show off his good looks.

    Follow Royce on Instagram.

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    Fiona (FiFi)

    A white Frenchie with black markings posing in front of a scene of fake snow and trees and a banner that spells "merry" in plaid fabric letters.

    @fiona.frenchie / Instagram

    The best word to encapsulate Fiona the Frenchie is precious. Her Instagram feed is full of adorable photos of her posing with her family members, dressing up in seasonal outfits, celebrating her birthday, and frolicking about. There are plenty of puppy pics on there, too. She’s almost too cute to handle.

    Follow Fiona on Instagram.

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    Hamlet the Frenchie

    A black and brown Frenchie wearing a mexican sombrero while standing at a tequila bar.

    @heyhamlet / instagram

    Hamlet’s owners describe him as a traveler, foodie, and socialite. We believe it. He obviously loves to adventure to new places, but he also loves to nap and wear funny outfits. However he presents himself, you’ll want to see his next post.

    Follow Hamlet on Instagram.

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    SirCharlesBarkley the Frenchie

    A white pug standing in front of a blue couch looking at the camera and wearing a Seahawks football jersey.

    @barkleysircharles / Instagram

    This pup knows how to show his team pride. You can often spot him rooting for the Seattle Seahawks in his team jersey. You know he’s serious because his jersey is even customized with his own name emblazoned on the back. When he’s not watching football, SirCharlesBarkley can be found making funny faces, frolicking with his fam, and just being an all-around ham for the camera.

    Follow SirCharlesBarkley on Instagram.

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    Cooper the Frenchie

    Two French Bulldogs looking at the camera sheepishly with towels over their heads.

    @cooper_the_frenchie / Instagram

    With his Frenchie brother, Frederick (yes, he also has his own Instagram account), at his side, Cooper the Frenchie frolics through life while making sure he is well fed and rested. After all, he needs his beauty sleep. Cooper and Fredrick love to play together and sometimes even wear funny costumes together. You’ll rarely see the pair apart.

    Follow Cooper on Instagram.

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    Milo Lu

    An up-close photo of a light-colored Frenchie with a red bow on his head.

    @frenchiebutt.milo / Instagram

    Not only is Milo Lu’s Instagram handle hilarious (@frenchiebutt.milo), but he’s also just simply an adorably hilarious dog. He has possibly the cutest smile in the Frenchie world and he loves getting dressed up for the camera. It’s no wonder Milo’s Instagram feed has propelled him into internet fame. No one can resist this pup’s charm.

    Follow Milo on Instagram.