9 Dogs to Follow if You Loved Marnie the Dog

A fluffy white chihuahua with his tongue out.

@chihuahuacedric / Instagram

Virtually every pet in America is on Instagram these days, but Marnie the Dog stands out among the rest. Not only is she adorable, but Marnie is also an advocate for rescue dogs everywhere. Originally a street dog in Connecticut, Marnie absolutely adored city life in the big apple. She sadly crossed the rainbow bridge in 2020 after living happily with her owners who gave her the sweetest ending to her one-of-a-kind life. Before she passed away, Marnie had millions of Instagram followers ogling at her adorable face, floppy tongue and charming head tilt daily.

While Marnie’s owner keeps her Instagram going with hilarious old photos of Marnie and new photos of her funny sister, Phyllis, we know Instagram users everywhere are craving a new funny-faced dog to follow. No dog can replace Marnie, but we have a few suggestions of accounts to follow that will put a smile on your face each and every day.

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    Sir Clyde

    An old basset hound laying in the grass.

    @clydethebasset / Instagram

    Sir Clyde is a sophisticated and dignified basset hound with extremely good looks. His followers—more than 15,000 of them—get an up close and personal look at Sir Clyde’s daily adventures. Whether he’s romping through the forests of beautiful Colorado or relaxing with his (human) little brother, this boy will have you captivated. He never lets his short legs hold him back.

    Follow Clyde on Instagram.

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    A french bulldog laying on the couch upside down.

    @dailydanger / Instagram

    Just like Marnie, Danger loves to make funny faces. This frenchie is constantly posing for the camera, serving you looks that are guaranteed to make you smile. You really do need this good boy in your life. His pet parents describe Danger as a party animal, nugget of love, and a toasted marshmallow. That seems pretty spot on.

    Follow Danger on Instagram.

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    Chihuahua Cedric

    A white chihuahua wearing a green sweater looking at the camera with its tongue hanging out.

    @chihuahuacedric / Instagram

    If you followed Marnie strictly for the dog tongue content, you’re in luck. There’s another internet-famous dog tongue out there, belonging to Cedric the Chihuahua. Talk about a precious pooch. Cedric is tiny in size, but it’s obvious that he has a huge heart. But be warned—your heart will definitely melt as soon as you peek at his photos.

    Follow Chihuahua Cedric on Instagram.

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    An up close black dog balancing a red gummy bear on his nose.

    @mr.bestbuddy / Instagram

    There’s no denying how talented Buddy the dog is. He posts impressive pictures of him showing off his number one talent and special trick, balancing objects on the tip of his nose, almost daily. It seems like Buddy can balance anything. He’s held gummy bears, flowers, treats, and so much more. What will he have on his snoot next? You’ll have to follow his awe-inspiring Instagram page to find out.

    Follow Buddy on Instagram.

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    Flora and Lilly

    Two small dogs with fluffy ears wearing Santa hats.

    @flo.ra.explora / Instagram

    There’s nothing little dogs can’t do. Just like larger, athletic breeds, small dogs can perform tricks and work on agility with ease. Flora and Lilly prove that in their Instagram feed. While Flora does most of the active work these days, as Lilly is older and blind, they both contribute their good looks to their Instagram account. Just look at those ears!

    Follow Flora and Lilly on Instagram.

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    An older pug dog being held up in front of cherry blossoms.

    @newoldpugsuji / Instagram

    Suji is arguably the most adorable elderly Pug on the planet. You can be the judge of that after browsing her Instagram photos. Suji is a rescue pup living in a big city, just like Marnie. But instead of New York, Suji lives across the border in Canada. Specifically, Suji roams the streets of Toronto like she owns the place, showing off the adorable socks she likes to wear because of her wonky legs. 

    Follow Suji on Instagram.

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    Digga the Pug

    A brown pug with his big tongue hanging out of his mouth.

    @diggasworld / Instagram

    Pugs are so charming, we had to include two of them on this list. The star of this Instagram account is most definitely Digga’s big, floppy pink tongue. It’s almost always peeking out of his mouth. And when it’s not, he has a funny look of concentration on his face. 

    Follow Digga on Instagram.

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    A windswept yorkie dog posing in front of a lake.

    @gumbo_thedog / Instagram

    As a senior citizen, Gumbo prefers to relax on the couch with his humans. But that doesn’t mean Gumbo doesn’t go on adventures. Catch this rescued yorkie dog as he cuddles, plays, and hugs his way through life. 

    Follow Gumbo on Instagram.

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    A golden retriever on the beach dressed as a crab.

    @goldenretriever_samson / Instagram

    Marnie the Dog was well-loved for her funny costumes and excellent poses. Samson is well-loved for the same reasons. This beautiful golden retriever boy is an active Instagram user and has garnered thousands upon thousands of fans thanks to his handsome looks, goofy personality and his love for wearing costumes. You will not regret scrolling through Samson’s feed.

    Follow Samson on Instagram.