8 Dogs to Follow if You Love the Menswear Dog

A tan Shiba Inu dog laying on the bed, looking at the camera while wearing a DIY crown.

@happygoriley / Instagram

If you aren’t following the Menswear Dog, Bodhi, on Instagram yet, you need to change that right this second. Bodhi’s regular posts are hilarious. They feature him dressed up in some stylish menswear and posing like a model. Bodhi has been featured in high-profile publications, including the New York Times and GQ, and he’s even modeled for ad campaigns for brands including ASOS and The Tie Bar. He’s famous and stylish!

Thankfully there are so many pet accounts out there these days as social media allows owners to showcase their funny and unique furry friends. Menswear Dog is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to funny dog Instagram personalities.

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    Toast & Oakley

    Two Shiba Inu dogs sitting and looking at the camera in front of yellow flowers.

     @toast.n.oaks / Instagram

    Shiba Inus are charming, handsome pups that some say are almost like cats because of their independence and aloofness. One thing is for sure—shibas are adorable. Toast and Oakley will prove it on their Instagram feed. These dogs are like two peas in a pod. They’re always adventuring together and posing for the camera. Sometimes they even adventure in matching outfits.

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    Simon Sits

    A small dog sitting on the bed and wearing a black hoodie with a red beanie.

     @simonsits / Instagram

    Meet Simon and his hipster alter-ego, Sawyer. Simon lives in NYC with his owner, Isabel, who adopted him from Korean K9 Rescue. They rescued Simon and his family on the streets of South Korea, and now he lives in Brooklyn, New York City. Isabel captures his daily adventures well. Simon rides the subway, takes long car rides, plays with all kinds of pups at the dog park, and acts like a goofball regularly. And he’s no stranger to funny costumes either. Simon may not be a full Shiba Inu like the Menswear Dog, but we think he’s just as hilarious.

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    Momo + Dango

    Two Shiba Inus sitting on the floor and looking at the camera while wearing bow ties.

    @momo.the.lion,shiba / Instagram

    Take one look at this perfect pair’s Instagram feed and you’ll fall in love. These two Shiba Inus love to play and, in general, be goofballs together. Momo is a Woolly Shiba with long, luscious hair while Dango is a Red Shiba, exhibiting a beautiful brownish, reddish shorter coat. Momo and Dango’s pet parents love to put the pair on display on Instagram, showing off their daily adventures and giving us viewers a taste of the pups’ oh-so-funny personalities.

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    A Shiba Inu dog wearing a santa hat posing in front of a plate of cookies that spell "Merry Xmas."

    @happygoriley / Instagram

    Riley the Shiba Inu first found fame by posting funny photos in precarious situations, oftentimes wearing a funny costume. He’s now joined by his adorable little brother, Lucas, who just so happens to be the most handsome Australian Shepherd in the universe. On their Instagram feed, you’ll see tons of pictures of the two posing together and getting into some sticky situations. One thing is for sure—these two pups love each other to the moon and back. Their goofy antics prove it.

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    Umi the Shiba Inu

    A black and tan Shiba Inu sitting in the grass while wearing a blue bandana.

    @umi_theshibainu / Instagram

    Shiba Inus are always adorable, but we think Umi is on another level. This handsome boy can be found frolicking, playing, and smiling everywhere he goes. When he’s not exploring the beach or hiking through the forest, Umi can be found snoozing in bed or snuggling his owners. His Instagram feed really features every type of photo or video that you could want in a pet profile—adventurous ones, goofy ones, and downright adorable cuddly ones.

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    A black and tan Shiba Inu looking at the camera wearing glasses and a scarf.

    @brooklyntheshibe / Instagram

    From Brooklyn’s Instagram feed, you can tell sunny San Diego is right where he belongs. In his photos, he’s always lounging at the beach, frolicking through a field, or hiking with his best buds. Like Menswear Dog, Brooklyn is a handsome Shiba Inu pup. But unlike Menswear Dog, Brooklyn has a dark coat. He’s mostly black with tan markings, which is a bit more unique among Shiba Inus who are usually pictured as having tan or red hair. 

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    Two Shiba Inus in a bathtub wearing hats.

    @weiming_shiba_inu / Instagram

    Need more Shiba Inus in costume on your Instagram feed? This is the account for you. These pet parents post photos of their perfect Shiba Inus regularly wearing costumes and getting themselves into trouble. Whether they’re having a spa day, getting stuck in the dryer, or taking a camping trip, you’ll always find these pups smiling. They obviously love their lives adventuring through Russia together.

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    Lord Sesshomaru

    A fawn-colored Shiba Inu sitting on the floor wearing a red hoodie.

    @littlelordshiba / Instagram 

    This little cutie is based in Florida where he lives with his mom and explores local beaches, trails, and parks daily. He loves dressing up in funny outfits and posing for the camera and his goofy personality is definitely consistent with most other Shiba Inus. While he loves to explore, he’s also always down to relax and he’s constantly making his followers laugh via his wacky photos and videos.

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