9 Golden Retrievers to Follow if You Love Tucker Budzyn

A Golden Retriever wearing a t-shirt laying down with yellow peeps on his arms and in front of him.

@champgoldenpup / Instagram

Internet sensation Tucker Budzyn has garnered millions of followers on Instagram who love seeing his adventures through life, making goofy faces all the while. Tucker is a beautiful Golden Retriever boy and a major goofball. His humans love posting photos and videos of their cute pup in all sorts of precarious situations while wearing all sorts of hilarious outfits. 

The wonderful Tucker Budzyn has opened the proverbial door for golden boys (and girls) to show their stuff on social media. There’s something special about goldens that can make anyone crack a smile or let out a belly laugh. These ones do it best.

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    A Golden Named Kevin

    An up-close shot of a Golden Retriever dog wearing a panda hat.

    @agoldennamedkevin / Instagram

    Kevin the golden boy is purely captivating. He first grabbed attention and stole the hearts of social media users across the world by showing off his collection of funny hats. He clearly loves modeling his outfits. Following Kevin on Instagram will boost your happiness, guaranteed. This goofy boy is now famous outside of social media, too, and has been featured on Good Morning America’s Pet of the Week segment.

    Follow Kevin on Instagram.

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    Samson the Golden Retriever

    An up-close photo of a golden retriever wearing colorful sunglasses with his tongue hanging out.

    @goldenretriever_samson / Instagram 

    Funny costumes—check. Goofy antics—check. Cute dog pics—check, check, check. Find all the adorable dog content you could ever want by visiting Samson the Golden Retriever’s Instagram page. His feed is full of photos of him striking a pose for the camera wearing the most ridiculous outfits imaginable. 

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    Lewis the Golden

    A Golden Retriever laying on the sidewalk and looking at the camera while wearing a lion mane costume.

    @lewis.the.golden / Instagram

    Tucker Budzyn and Lewis the Golden are like brothers from another mother. They both look so dignified and handsome as they trot through life as good Golden Retriever boys. But while Tucker hails from Michigan, Lewis spends his days in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. His Instagram feed is full of photos of Lewis adventuring through the region. Whether he is posing in the mountains or on shores of the Pacific Ocean, Lewis is guaranteed to be looking adorable as ever.

    Follow Lewis on Instagram.

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    An older Golden Retriever sitting in the grass in front of the Seattle Space Needle.

    @dash.dog / Instagram

    While he’s a bit shorter and much fluffier than other Golden Retrievers, Dash is positively, completely a golden boy. Dash first went viral when he was seen goofily holding a hot dog in his mouth at a Seattle Mariners game. That’s when people all over the world fell in love with this handsome fellow. Since then, he’s made appearances on the local news and on Good Morning America and regularly makes appearances on the streets of Seattle, bringing joy to everyone he meets.

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    Captain the Golden

    A long-haired Golden Retriever on a leash looking throughwhite columns on a bridge.

     @captainthegolden / Instagram

    Lights, camera, action! TV star Captain will knock your socks off with his acting skills. He’ll also probably steal your socks… so watch out for that. His humans describe Captain as a beach bum who frequents the sandy shores of Florida. He also loves to play with friends of all shapes and sizes. Follow along on his Instagram page to find out just what this adorable boy is up to today.

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    Champ the Golden Retriever

    A Golden Retriever puppy holding a yellow heart plush in his mouth.

    @champgoldenpup / Instagram

    Wow—just look at those eyes. One glimpse at his feed, and you’ll be completely captivated by handsome Champ the Golden Retriever. His family has documented his good looks at each stage of his life, all the way back from his puppy-hood. And if you can’t wait to get your hands on some cute Champ content, you’re in luck! You can find so many fun photos and videos saved as highlights on his Instagram page.

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    A Golden Retriever closing its eyes with its mouth open wearing aviator glasses and a patterned bandanna.

    @goldenchilidog / Instagram

    Okay, speaking of captivating… what a smile! It’s quite frankly amazing how happy he is to pose for the camera. His photos are especially cute when he closes his eyes and shows off his little pink tongue—which is pretty often, to be honest. Chili loves dressing up in any costume he can get his paws. He’s even a fashion designer himself. You heard that right, Chili has his own line of bandanas for dogs.

    Follow Chili on Instagram. 

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    Sammy the Golden Retriever

    A Golden Retriever posing for the camera in front of a red and white striped background dressed as Where's Waldo.

    @sammythegolden247 / Instagram 

    We guarantee that you’ll never regret following Sammy on social media. Sammy is a beautiful Golden Retriever living in Arizona with his furry brother and sister. He’s a mama’s boy who loves a good hiking adventure and he’s also a very skilled model with an impressive outfit collection. His closet is full of funny costumes for every season as well as adorable bandanas. But when he’s not dressing up for the camera, he’s striking a pose while he takes on a new adventure with support from his beloved stuffy.

    Follow Sammy on Instagram.

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    A reddish Golden Retriever sitting in front of a white wall while wearing a white T-Shirt with a Golden Retriever on it.

    @mobythegoldy / Instagram 

    With long, reddish-golden fur and dreamy brown eyes, Moby the Golden Retriever is absolutely stunning. Follow along as this beautiful, and obviously happy, boy zooms through life, playing with friends and taking long naps with his best buds. Do not sleep on this adorable dog content.

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