8 Funny Dogs to Follow if You Love Tuna the Dog

A tan-colored dog laying down on a mossy log looking at the camera.

@keepingfinn / Instagram

Need a good laugh? Head to Instagram. That’s where you’ll find endless pet accounts where owners post videos and photos of their cute and funny pets all day long. Tuna the Dog is just one of the pet accounts that has risen to fame. People across the globe have fallen in love with Tuna for his funny-yet-adorable face and his crazy antics. Tuna’s owners share all his adventures on Instagram so the whole world can see.

There are so many other accounts out there that are following in Tuna’s footsteps. Follow them so you never miss a post about these lovable pups. You’ll be smiling from ear to ear in no time.

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    Daisy Underbite

    A funny mixed breed dog with an under bite standing in the lawn and looking at the camera.

    @underbiteunite / Instagram

    So, you think Tuna’s under bite is cute? Good news—this internet-famous pup, Daisy, has a magnificent under bite that we know you’ll love just as much. Daisy loves to frolic and play all day long and her owners love to show it off on her Instagram page. Don’t worry, there’s lots of cuddly sleeping content, too. Daisy really knows how to live.

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    Finn and Henry

    A dog sitting on the cement in front of a camper van at sunset.

    @keepingfinn / Instagram

    Finn and Henry first started their adventures together when Henry adopted Finn from an organization that rescued him and his family from the streets of Puerto Rico. They have been living on the road together ever since and their profile shows just how strong their bond is. Henry not only shares hilarious photos and videos of Finn on the regular, but he also shares helpful tips for dog owners and for those who choose to live life on the road.

    Follow Finn and Henry on Instagram.

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    A Golden Named Kevin

    A golden retriever wearing a duck hat standing in front of a duck pond.

    @agoldennamedkevin / Instagram

    What’s not to love about Golden Retrievers? They’re cute, goofy, and charming as can be. Kevin represents the breed well. As you scroll through his Instagram account, you’ll find tons of photos and videos of him in silly costumes, performing funny tricks, and just being an overall goofball. Kevin will steal your heart as soon as you click on his page. You’ve been warned.

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    Kingsley Palmer

    A dachshund running in the grass with his mouth open and ears flopping in the wind.

    @kingsley.the.dachshund / Instagram

    Kingsley’s short, stubby legs don’t stop him from making every day an adventure. This beautiful blue dachshund loves to explore the outdoors with his owners in the UK. He prances through fields and romps along stunning beaches. It’s safe to say nothing can stop Kingsley from having a good time. If you follow his account, you might even catch him showing off a silly outfit while he adventures.

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    Dougie the Shih Tzu

    A small Shih Tzu dog wearing an orange checked bandanna.

    @dailydougie / Instagram 

    Small dog lovers, rejoice! Dougie the Shih Tzu is here to bring a smile to your face on the daily. Dougie gets into all kinds of precarious situations and his owners love to share what he’s up to on the internet. He loves to nap, though, so that means you’ll see a lot of snoozing content on his feed. But that’s definitely not a bad thing.

    Follow Dougie the Shih Tzu on Instagram.

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    Four pugs sitting on a porch swing looking at the camera while wearing pink bauble necklaces.

    @pugdashians / Instagram

    Pugs seem effortlessly comical. That must be why there are so many pug Instagram accounts out there. Pugdashians is a must-follow pug account where Sissy, Tilly, Natty, Missy express themselves. They’re constantly posing for the camera and having pug parties. Sometimes they wear hilarious costumes, too.

    Follow Pugdashians on Instagram.

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    Menswear Dog

    A Shiba Inu posing in front of a tree wearing a flannel shirt and a sweater.

    @mensweardog / Instagram

    Meet Bodhi. Bodhi is possibly the most stylish dog in the entire world. He’s been featured in The New York Times, GQ, Time magazine, CNN, and more. His claim to fame is his wonderful fashion sense. His owners love to dress him up in stylish menswear outfits that he can show off to the world. His modeling pics have even appeared in ad campaigns for brands like ASOS, The Tie Bar, and Brooks Brothers. Fame, style, charm—Bodhi has it all. This fashionable pup’s Instagram feed is truly one-of-a-kind.

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    The Dogist

    A large mixed breed dog in a cone looking up at the camera with his mouth open.

    @thedogist / Instagram

    This Instagram profile doesn’t feature any one dog constantly—it features a brand new one almost every day. Photographer Elias Weiss Friedman wanders the streets of New York City, armed with his high-quality camera, and highlights funny and adorable pups of all breeds. Each and every post is laughable (because, let’s face it, most dogs are hilarious). Elias highlights dogs that often don’t have their own Instagram feed and allows them to get their fifteen minutes of fame. He always includes a caption that encapsulates the dog’s personality, too.

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