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Franny Syufy is an award-winning freelance writer and author who has written about cats and pets since 1997 and contributed to The Spruce Pets for almost 20 years.


  • Award-winning freelance writer who has written about cats since 1997
  • Contributed content to The Spruce Pets for 16 years
  • Author of two pet books: "Lucy, the Loch Ness Llama"; "50 Games to Play With Your Cat"



Franny is a former writer for The Spruce Pets, contributing articles for 16 years as well as a freelance writer and author. Franny has written about cats since 1997. Franny is a professional member of the Cat Writers' Association (CWA), an international organization of cat writers, photographers, artists, and broadcasters.


In addition to her decades of hands-on experience and intensive research to increase her knowledge of cats, Franny has taken courses on feline anatomy, feline medical conditions, and veterinary terminology.

Franny Syufy won awards from CWA for her writing in 2003, 2004, and 2005, along with the prestigious PurinaOne Health Award for her article, "When to Call Your Veterinarian for Your Cat." In 2005, Franny was also honored with the Muse Medallion for her work on The Spruce in CWA's online magazine competition.

She has her Associates degree from San Francisco State University.

Expertise: Feline anatomy , Feline medical conditions
Education: San Francisco State University
Location: Buford, Georgia
Title: Author

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