How to Care for Freshwater Fish

Get tips on caring for your freshwater fish and maintaining your freshwater aquarium.
Pepper corydora sifting through substrate
11 Top Catfish Species for Your Aquarium
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Learn All About the Pictus Catfish
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Silver Arowana Fish Species Profile
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57 Great Name Ideas for Your Pet Fish
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What Kind of Water Is Safe for Pet Axolotls?
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How to Keep Your Aquarium Fish Healthy - the 10 Top Tips
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What Is the Scientific Name for Your Favorite Fish With the Letter T?
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Determine the Perfect Timing for Your Aquarium Lights
Betta fish
How Long Do Bettas Usually Live and How Do You Keep Them Healthy?
Beard Algae
How to Remove Beard Algae From Your Aquarium
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What to Do If Your Hermit Crab Loses a Leg
A ludwigia repens without characteristic red leaves, while beautiful, may be a sign of low light or insufficient nutrients
The Stunning Red Ludwigia Repens: Use in an Aquarium
Hermit Crab
The Miracle of Molting: Preparation Signs in a Hermit Crab
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How to Choose Shells for Your Hermit Crabs
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What Plants are Safe for Betta Fish?
Betta fish foraging for food
Learn How Much to Feed Your Betta Fish
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Is My Betta Sleeping Too Much?
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Learn How to Take Care of Goldfish
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How to Stock an Aquarium With Different Levels of Fish
Blood parrot showing small mouth
The Blood Parrot Cichlid Fish Is a Controversial Hybrid
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Tips to Determine the Sex of Your Fish
Raising Aquarium Fish in Hard Water Conditions
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Who Wins the War for Dynamic Aquarium Lighting?
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Clean Fishbowls Regularly to Keep Fish Healthy
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How to Buy the Perfect Aquarium for a Child
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Get the Specs on Your Fish Aquarium
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How and Why You Should Seed a New Aquarium
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Chlorine vs. Chloramine: What's in Your Water?
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Lighting Requirements for Plants in Community Aquariums
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Feeding Your Aquarium Fish the Right Type of Food
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Why Use Plastic Plants in Your Aquarium When You Can Use Real Ones?
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Learn How to Plan an Aquarium Before You Buy It
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Understanding Aquarium Water Foam
Pebbles on a river bed. Reflections and ripples on the surface.
Can I Use Outdoor Gravel or Rocks in an Aquarium?
Nutrafin Aquarium Water Test Kit
Test Your Aquarium Water to Keep Fish Healthy
Feeding goldfish in the aquarium at home. Fish rock and plants in the background
A Short Primer on the Nutrition Fish Need to Eat
Killifish Fry
How to Cull Your Freshwater Aquarium
Little fish in fish tank or aquarium, gold fish, guppy and red fish, fancy carp with green plant, underwater life.
Can Fish Sense Hunger, Low Oxygen, and How Do They Swim Straight?
Live Planted Aquarium
Why Live Aquatic Are Plants Better Than Plastic Plants
Fish Swimming In Aquarium
Bacterial Bloom: Understanding What It Is and How to Fix It
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Is Your Fish Omnivore, Herbivore or Carnivore?
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Acriflavine for Aquarium Fish
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Aquarium Fish Go Missing for a Variety of Reasons
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How to Safely Add Fish to a Tank to Prevent pH Shock
Community Aquarium - 80 Gallon
Tank Level Preferences for Different Aquarium Species
Cute Puffer Fish with Black and White Spots
The Seven Types of Fish Mouths and How They Are Used
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How to Get Rid of Pesky Oil Slicks in Your Fish Tank
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Cleaning Algae From Aquarium Plants
Betta Bowl
How Many Bettas Can Live Together in the Same Tank?
Live Food - Mosquito Larvae
Save Money by Collecting Live Food For Your Fish
Siamese Fighting fish swimming against a white background.
Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Bettas
Betta Fish
The Best Tank, Temperature and Water for a Betta Fish
Fish Swimming In Aquarium
Choose the Right Size of Aquarium Equipment for Your Needs
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How to Upgrade an Aquarium: Moving Fish to a New Tank
What Makes My Fish Want to Hide?
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Aquarium Heaters Must Have Proper Heat Distribution to Benefit Fish
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How Does Limestone Affect the pH of Aquarium Water?
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Help New Fish Feel at Home in Your Aquarium