Learn about different species of freshwater fish, including popular breeds like bettas, guppies and catfish.
Three guppy females and one male
22 Small Fish Breeds for Your Freshwater Aquarium
Neon goby on stone coral
Neon Goby Fish Species Profile
Swordtail fish profile
Swordtail Fish Species Profile
Guppy fish with orange fins swimming in tank
Guppy Fish Species Profile
Suckermouth catfish resting on gravel
Suckermouth Catfish: Species Profile
Oscar cichlid
Oscar: Fish Species Profile
Tanichthys alboneubes known as White Cloud Mountain Minnow
All About the White Cloud Mountain Minnow
golden barb (schuberti barb, puntius semifasciolatus) in a home aquarium
Barb Species: A Lively, Peaceful Fish
The South American Leaffish: Not for Beginners
dwarf gourami
The Dwarf Gourami: Caring for Tropical Fish
Black widow tetra
All About the Peaceful Black Widow Tetra
Puntius nigrofasciatus - Black Ruby Barb
Is the Black Ruby Barb a Good Addition to Your Freshwater Aquarium?
Fish swimming in an aquarium tank
Learn the Anatomy and Physiology of Aquarium Fish
Botia lohachata - Yo Yo Loach
Get to Know the Friendly Yoyo Loach
Buenos Aires Tetra
Buenos Aires Tetra Care, Feeding, and Breeding
Clown loach
Invite a School of Clown Loaches to Join Your Aquarium Community
Harlequin Rasbora - Trigonostigma heteromorpha
How to Care for the Vibrant Harlequin Rasbora
Bristlenose Catfish
Everything You Need to Know About the Bristlenose Pleco
Serpae Tetra - Hyphessobrycon eques
The Beautiful Blood Red Serpae Tetra
Texas cichlid (Herichthys carpintus) underwater, side view
Can You Add a Texas Cichlid to Your Home Aquarium?
Helostoma temminckii - Kissing Gourami
Learn How to Take Care of the Kissing Gourami (Kisser Fish)
Schreitmuller's silver dollar (Metynnis hypsauchen), side view
Silver Dollar: A Member of the Piranha Species
Tetra Glowlight
The Fish That Glows Like a Light Bulb: Glowlight Tetra
Trichogaster leeri - Pearl Gourami
How to Feed, Breed and Care for Pearl Gourami
Astronotus ocellatus - Oscar
Fascinating Fish Names That Begin With O
Small forktailed rainbowfish near bottom of fish tank with pebbles
Tips for Caring for and Breeding the Forktail Rainbow Fish
Yellow Tang Fish
Fishes' Fascinating Gill Filaments
Art Aquarium 2015
How to Breed Egg Laying Aquarium Fish
Yellow Lab fish
Fascinating Fish Species With Names That Start With the Letter Y
Jack Dempsey - Rocio octofasciata
What Are Common Fish Names Beginning With J?
Tropical fish swimming in aquarium outside kitchen
What Are Some Common Aquarium Fish Species in Alphabetical Order?
Corydoras julii fish
Amazonian Aquarium Fish: Julii Coydoras
Red Eye Tetra - Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae
How to Care for the Tetra With the Signature Red Eye
White Skirt Tetra
The White Skirt Tetra: A Great Species for Beginning Fish Keepers
Schooling Fish
Why Do Fish School Together?
Upside Down Catfish
Learn More About the Fish That Swims Belly Up
Archer fish
What's a Good Tankmate for an Archer Fish?
Emperor Tetra - Nematobrycon palmeri
Emperor Tetra: A Great Addition to Any Community Aquarium
Helostoma temminckii - Kissing Gourami
Popular Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium
Symphysodon aequifasciatus - Blue Discus
A to Z Index of Common Names of Freshwater Fish
Xiphophorus maculatus - Mickey Mouse Platy
Everything You Need to Know About the Mickey Mouse Platy Fish
Goldfish in toilet
Donate Fish, Do Not Flush - Why Flushing Your Fish is Not an Option
Red Platy
The Beautiful but Plentiful Red Wagtail Platy
Black phantom tetra
Meet The Peaceful Black Phantom Tetra
Cardinal tetra fish with shiny blue scales on top half and red scales on bottom half
Learn Why the Cardinal Tetra Is a Popular Aquarium Fish
Black Banded Leporinus - Leporinus fasciatus
What Is the Black Banded Leporinus?
Pangio kuhlii - Kuhli Loach
Is the Coolie Loach or Kuhli Loach Right for Your Aquarium?
Gold Barb - Puntius semifasciolatus
Feeding, Care, and Habitat of the Freshwater Gold Barb
Gourami fish with blue and orange striped scales swimming
How to Keep and Breed Gourami Aquarium Fish
Kissing gouramis (Helostoma temminckii) males
What Are Common Fish Names Beginning With K?
Cardinal Tetra
How Are Neon and Cardinal Tetras Different?
Mollies: What You Need to Know to Keep Them Healthy
Amano shrimp sitting on a plant
Amano Shrimp Species Profile
German Blue Ram
Learn All About the German Blue Ram
Figure 8 Puffer - Tetraodon biocellatus
Strange Facts That Make the Freshwater Puffer Fish a Great Choice
Colisa lalia - Dwarf Gourami Sunset Morph
Fish Names Beginning With D
Tiger Barb - Barbus tetrazona
Use These Tips for Caring for Tiger Barb Fish
Panda Cory
Learn About Common Fish Names Beginning with P
Trichogaster leeri - Pearl Gourami
Common Fish Names Beginning With L
Silver and black striped cichlid fish swimming in aquarium
Most Cichlids are Suited for the Home Aquarium, but not with all Fish