Health & Wellness of Freshwater Fish

Get tips on providing proper diet and care for your freshwater fish.
Goldfish in an aquarium
Here's How to Pick the Best Food for Your Goldfish
goldfish in aquarium
How to Treat Swim Bladder Disorder in Aquarium Fish
Neon tetra fish
How to Manage Deadly Neon Tetra Disease
Ichthyophthirius multifiliis white spot treatments for fish
How to Treat Ich in Freshwater Fish
Goldfish swimming in an aquarium
How Long Can You Expect Your Goldfish to Live?
Koi pond in winter ice
Can Koi Fish Survive the Winter?
Koi pond
How to Treat Koi Herpesvirus
Guppy with fuzzy growth on dorsal fin
How to Treat Cotton Wool Disease in Freshwater Fish
Fish tank filter
How to Treat Ammonia Poisoning in Aquarium Fish
Fish gasping at surface
What to Do If Your Fish Is Gasping for Air
Betta fish
Fin Rot Can Kill Aquarium Fish but Is Easy to Prevent
Betta fish with blue-purple scales and vibrant orange fins swimming
How Long Do Bettas Usually Live and How Do You Keep Them Healthy?
Goldfish bubbles
How to Treat Gas Bubble Disease in Freshwater Fish
Koi with side ulcer possibly from pseudomoniasis
How to Treat Pseudomoniasis in Fish
Freshwater fish tank decorated with live and fake plants
How to Treat Common Freshwater Aquarium Fish Diseases
anchor worm in fish
Anchor Worms in Freshwater Fish
Fish In Aquarium
How to Keep Your Aquarium Fish Healthy - the 10 Top Tips
Betta fish eating
What to Do if Your Betta Fish is Not Eating
Three goldfish in a tank with plants and rocks
7 Common Goldfish Diseases
Neurofibroma on the dorsal ridge of a goldfish
What to Do if Your Pet Fish Has Tumors
Bruising and scale loss secondary to fish flashing
What to Do if Your Aquarium Fish is Flashing
Oscar fish eating worm
Feeding Your Fish Live Food
Red-bellied pacu freshwater aquarium fish
Skin Ulcers in Freshwater Fish
What Is Infusoria and How Do You Make It?
Nitrate Poisoning in Freshwater Aquarium Fish
Art Aquarium 2015
How to Breed Egg Laying Aquarium Fish
Little fish in fish tank or aquarium, gold fish, guppy and red fish, fancy carp with green plant, underwater life.
Can Fish Sense Hunger, Low Oxygen, and How Do They Swim Straight?
betta fish in bowl
How to Heat a Betta Fish Tank
Carp pox on a koi
How to Treat Carp Pox in Koi
Betta fish sleeping on leaf
Is My Betta Sleeping Too Much?
two silver arowena fish in water
Silver Arowana Fish Species Profile
Looking Out From The Tank
How Much and How Often Should You Feed Your Fish?
Betta fish not pooping
What to Do When Your Betta Fish Is Not Pooping
Platy fish
Treating Columnaris Disease in Aquarium Fish
How to determine if your betta fish is too fat
How Do I Fix My Fat Betta?
Leech on the back of a fish
How to Get Rid of Leeches in Freshwater Fish
Tokyo bitterling adult male fish
Can Changing Your Aquarium's Water Kill Your Fish?
Catfish gills
How to Treat Anemia in Your Pet Fish
Tetra with Fuzz on Skin
Saprolegnia in Freshwater Fish
Live-bearer Birth Process Captured in Action
Find out What Happens Before a Female Live-Bearer Gives Birth
A fish tank in a television
Discover The Surprising Health Benefits of Keeping an Aquarium
Single piranha in a fish tank
Is Your Fish Omnivore, Herbivore or Carnivore?
Beautiful freshwater planted aquarium
Lymphocystis in Freshwater Fish
A betta fish with red and blue markings
How to Tell if Your Betta Fish is a Boy or a Girl
How to Treat Brooklynella Disease in Fish
Signs and Symptoms of Brooklynella Disease in Fish
Fish lice Argulus genus on perch
Learn About Lice in Freshwater Fish
Nitrite value testing
What Is Nitrite Poisoning in Aquarium Fish?
Aquarium with cichlids fish from lake malawi
How to Feed Your Herbivorous Fish
Portrait of goldfish in a bowl
What is the Best Way to Preserve the Slime Coat on Fish?