68 German Dog Names

From Schnitzel to Bach, Germany provides lots of inspiration for dog names

German Shepherd lying on a pier in front of water

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If you have a German dog breed, like the little Dachshund or the smart German Shepherd, you may want to give them a name inspired by their country of origin. Maybe you have German heritage or you just like the language or the culture?

Whether you want to give your dog a traditional German name which has significance for you, or you want to name them after a favorite food or landmark, the list below will hopefully offer up some ideas.

Keep reading to see our list of 65 German dog names.

Top German Dog Names

  • Max (m)
  • Clara (f)
  • Felix (m)
  • Frieda (f)
  • Hans (m)
  • Greta (f)
  • Otto (m)
  • Lotta (f)
  • Walter (m)
  • Gertrud (f)
  • Klaus (m)
  • Heinz (m)
  • Ursula (f)
  • Wolfgang (m)
  • Helga (f)

Tips for Naming Your Dog

Taking the time to select a name that everyone in the household agrees on is so important. Selecting something without a consensus or rushing into a decision and then changing your mind a few weeks down the line isn't ideal. During this crucial settling in period for your dog, suddenly calling them by a different name could be confusing and set your training back.

Whatever name you do go for, make sure it's easy to pronounce, or at least that it can be abbreviated to something simple. Going too complicated will be a pain when your practising recall in the park. It also increases the likelihood that your dog walker could end up calling your dog the wrong name.

If you're selecting a German word for a name, always double-check the meaning before you settle on it. If you get it wrong, you could be shouting something embarrassing or even offensive.

Whatever you opt for, make sure it rolls off the tongue nicely and that it makes you smile whenever you think about it.

German Dog Names Inspired By a Dog's Temperament or Appearance

Owners often like to choose a name that complements their dog's personality or physical characteristics. Maybe your dog is super snuggly, bouncy or stubborn. Do they have a distinctive coat color, are they a fluffy dog breed, or do they have droopy ears?

Below are a few German words that could inspire you, if you think any match up to your dog's unique attributes.

  • Flaumig (meaning fluffy)
  • Fuzzi (meaning weirdo)
  • Gauner (meaning rascal)
  • Krümel (meaning little one or crumb)
  • Kumpel (meaning buddy)
  • Kuschel (meaning cuddles)
  • Orkan (meaning hurricane)
  • Panzer (meaning tank)
  • Sanft (meaning gentle)
  • Zuckerpuppe (meaning sweet little thing)

Dog Names Inspired by Famous German People

Naming your dog after an admired German philosopher, poet, composer or leader might seem fitting for your dog. Maybe you'll want to name them after your favorite German footballer or musician.

We've listed a few famous Germans whose names might be a fun choice for your dog.

  • Bach (composer)
  • Beethoven (composer and Saint Bernard dog in the movie of the same name)
  • Boris (Becker, tennis player)
  • Claudia (Schiffer, supermodel)
  • Einstein (theoretical physicist)
  • Grimms (the Grimms Brothers)
  • Heidi (Klum, supermodel)
  • Hildegard (von Bingen, composer, writer and philosopher)
  • Marlene (Dietrich, actress)
  • Mozart (composer)
  • Steffi (Graf, tennis player)

Food and Drink Inspired German Dog Names

Food-related names are surprisingly common for dogs. You'll surely have heard of a few Biscuits, Cinnamons and Pickles before.

Germany has lots of famous national dishes, and it's, of course, well known for its beer.

Below are a few possible ideas for inspiration.

  • Bratwurst (a type of sausage)
  • Gose (a fermented beer)
  • Käsig (meaning cheesy)
  • Lebkuchen (gingerbread cookies)
  • Lecker (meaning yummy. scrumptious)
  • Oktoberfest (the German beer and food celebration)
  • Pickert (potato pancakes)
  • Pilsner (a pale lager)
  • Pretzel (a baked pastry)
  • Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage)
  • Schnitzel (breaded, tenderized meat)
  • Spargel (white asparagus)
  • Stollen (a fruit cake)

Further Male German Dog Names

  • Alarick (meaning noble leader)
  • Augustus (meaning powerful dignity)
  • Helmut (meaning brave)
  • Hugo (meaning wise)
  • Konrad (meaning bold)
  • Norbert (meaning hero)
  • Rune (meaning secret)
  • Tabbart (meaning brilliant)
  • Ulrich (meaning power)
  • Wilfred (meaning peacemaker)

Further Female German Dog Names

  • Alda (meaning wise)
  • Aliz (meaning sweet)
  • Brunhilda (ancient heroic female figure and meaning noble)
  • Gerda (meaning protected)
  • Gretchen (meaning little pearl)
  • Helga (meaning blessed)
  • Kikka (meaning mistress of all)
  • Millie (meaning strength)
  • Sascha (meaning defending men)
  • Wilma (meaning protection)

Other Dog Name Ideas

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