7 Goldendoodles to Follow on Instagram

Check out these fun-loving doodles

Instagram is great for keeping up with your friends and family, and maybe even your favorite celebrities or brands. But there is something else you can fill your feed with that will always make you smile -- dogs!

Nowadays there are countless Insta-famous pups out there that fill the internet with their irresistible cuteness. One breed in particular that shines on the Instagram platform is the ever-popular Goldendoodle.

With their curly hair and their playful, happy personalities, it is easy to see why everyone loves these pups. Here are some of the best Goldendoodle Instagram accounts to follow so you can get a dose of doodle cuteness in your life.

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    small dog in lion costume; orbidoodle Instagram

    @orbidoodle / Instagram

    Orbit is a mini Goldendoodle with lots of personality. He prefers to be called King Orbit, and when you see his regal appearance you’ll understand why. He’s an adorable fluff ball that makes you want to squish him with lots of hugs.

    Orbit loves to go on hikes, eat all the sand on the beach, and wear adorable bandanas. Sometimes he even wears some shades because, yep, he’s just that cool. In fact, this cool dood has 21.7K followers! Give King Orbit a follow to fill your feed with lots of cuteness.

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    Two dogs in hammock; indythegoldendoodle Instagram

     @indythegoldendoodle / Instagram

    Indy is a Goldendoodle from Atlanta who loves to make people smile. He is a licensed therapy dog whose goal it is to bring some happiness into your day. When he’s not on the job, he can probably be found chilling in a hammock. And as if one Indy wasn’t cute enough, he also has a baby sister named Roux, who also happens to be a Goldendoodle. Join their 45.4K followers to fill your feed with double the fluff.

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    That Dood Squad

    Dogs in small car; thatdoodsquad Instagram

    @thatdoodsquad / Instagram

    What’s better than one Goldendoodle? How about a whole gang of them. That’s exactly what you’ll see if you pop into the feed of That Dood Squad. While Lola, Packer, and Cedar are all bonafide Goldendoodles, they are gracious enough to share their feed with several other dood friends, including two Shepadoodles, a Bernedoodle, and a Cockapoo. They might just be the coolest squad in town, rolling in with 106K followers. Frequently seen posing with a sweet ride (a '67 MG), these doodles are known to strike a flashy pose and even have their own calendar.

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    Dog standing in front of bowls; mrkevindoodle instagram

    @mrkevindoodle / Instagram

    So far we’ve looked at some nature-loving, adventuring doodles, but what about a city-loving pup? Pawrusing Chicago for the best spots, Kevin is a must-follow. He loves walking around the city and playing fetch. He even has an Etsy store where he shares some of his presets for the best looking Instagram-worthy photos. Who knows, with Kevin’s help, maybe your pup will be the next Instagram famous dog. Join his 30.8K followers to travel with Kevin across the Windy City.

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    Dog in bowtie; minidoodlebentley Instagram


    This mini Goldendoodle is not only Instagram famous, but TikTok famous too. Bentley is an outgoing pup that has 155K followers on Instagram and 875K followers on TikTok! If you are looking for a good laugh, he will keep you smiling with his hilarious videos.

    Bentley makes every day a good day with his lovable antics. Whether he’s racing to find his mom who’s gone “missing” in the house or helping his parents at work, this pup will fill your feed with countless funny, relatable videos that just make life more fun.

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    Picture of goldendoodle dog; Brodiethatdood Instagram

     @brodiethatdood / Instagram

    A doodle for the dudes, Brodie is all about having a good time and regularly entertains his 32,000 Instagram followers. Often, that means wearing sunglasses and hanging out the passenger side of his owner’s car—either catching a South Florida breeze, or startling people in parking lots.

    While there is nothing scary about this Instagram and TikTok famous Goldendoodle, he is a big boy with a lot of fur—and he's occasionally mistaken for a lion! This F1 standard Goldendoodle makes a big impression in a feed full of mini varieties, so definitely follow Brodie for his funny videos and laughable moments. 

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    Small goldendoodle outdoors; gouda.doodle Instagram

     @gouda.doodle / Instagram

    Gouda, an f1b mini Goldendoodle, is making her mark on Instagram by sharing her life straight from the bay area of California with her more than 25,000 followers. Like any popular influencer, Gouda has a drool-worthy closet, which she has been known to show off on Instagram with bandanas and harnesses for days of dress-up. But far from prissy, Gouda loves road trips, puppy play dates, and camping (complete with hiking booties, of course).

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