Good Words and Phrases to Teach a Talking Parrot

Words and Phrases to Teach Talking Birds

Not all parrots can talk, but the lucky owners of the ones who do are often at a loss as to what types of words and phrases would be best to teach their pets. If you find yourself in this category, then pay attention to the list of great words and phrases for parrots discussed below. The information will help you make good choices about what you want to teach your pet, and will help you encourage a broader and more expansive vocabulary in your feathered friend. Owning a talking parrot is a lot of fun, so be sure to use these tips and work with your pet every day. You never know, your bird could become the world's next big talking talent.

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    Teach Your Bird to Say "Hello"

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    Teaching your bird to say "Hello" is often the first thing bird owners try to do with their parrots, and it's a good thing -- the word "hello" is short and easy for birds to articulate, and offers an ideal starting point to teaching your bird an impressive vocabulary. As with any bird training exercise, it's important to stay patient with your bird and practice daily repetition. If you bird has the ability and the will to talk, then starting out with "hello" will put him well on his way to success!

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    Teach Your Bird Names

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    Teaching your bird to say his or her own name is also a good way to encourage speech in parrots. A bird's name is a word that they will hear many times per day throughout their lifetime, so it is only natural that they would try to vocalize it themselves. Once your bird learns its name, try teaching it to say your name or the names of other pets or family members. You may be surprised at how readily your bird picks up on calling out to you and others.

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    Try Teaching Your Bird to Announce When He's Hungry or Thirsty

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    Research has shown that if you speak to parrots in context, then they are able to learn what certain words actually mean, and in turn, use them appropriately in speech. If you are trying to encourage speech in your parrot, try to make a point of saying "hungry" and "thirsty" whenever you refill or refresh the bird's food and water bowls. Over time, it is possible that your bird will be able to pick up on the meanings of these words as well as how to articulate them, and will begin letting you know verbally when it is ready for a snack!

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    Teach Your Pet to Say "Pretty Bird"

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    The phrase "pretty bird" has long been popular with pet bird owners who are trying to teach their pets to speak. Like "hello", "pretty bird" is a short, quick phrase that many birds seem to find interesting. Many people speculate that the syllables in this phrase may mimic part of a bird's call, which makes the birds pick up on it more quickly than other words or phrases. Whatever the case, "pretty bird" is a good phrase to move on to after your bird masters saying "hello." In fact, it's a safe bet that most talking parrots have uttered this phrase to their owners at least a few times while learning to speak!

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    Teach Your Bird a Few Lines of a Favorite Song

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    One fun way to encourage speech in your parrot is to try teaching him or her part of one of your favorite songs. Birds are naturally inclined to enjoy music, and many make this apparent by "dancing" whenever their owners turn up the tunes. To teach your bird a song, start out line by line and see how far you can build on it. Some birds have enjoyed these exercises so much that they've been able to learn entire songs note for note. Even if your musical tastes don't exactly mesh with your bird's, trying to learn a song together will be great fun for the both of you.