8 Hairless Dog Breeds

Chinese crested dog in the grass - France,
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One of the most notable things about dogs is their fluff. Whether they have curly, straight, dense, or thin hair or fur, it helps them stand out. And people can’t stop petting them.
But did you know that there are plenty of hairless dog breeds out there, too? There are so many reasons hairless breeds deserve love. For example, their owners love how cuddly and low-maintenance they are. Hairless dog breeds may be easier on your allergies. Plus, they’re just as cute and loyal as their furry counterparts.

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    American Hairless Terrier

    A hairless dog with a brown head and a brown and white spotted body prancing in the grass.

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    Terriers are often sought-out for family dogs in the U.S., likely due to their high intelligence and playfulness. The American Hairless Terrier comes in two varieties—hairless and coated—which makes them a top choice among dog lovers with and without allergies. Grooming is minimal in both hairless and coated varieties. These dogs are very low maintenance and they typically get along with everyone. To top it off, American Hairless Terriers are exceptionally smart and easy to train. This breed packs a lot of punch in such a small package.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 12 to 16 inches

    Weight: 12 to 16 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Small and muscular body; coat colors include black, chocolate, red, apricot, and various combinations; can be hairless or have a very short coat

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    Chinese Crested

    A hairless Chinese Crested with white tufts of hair on its head looking out a window.

    Martine Roch / Getty Images

    If you have watched a professional dog show on television, you have likely already seen and fallen in love with the Chinese Crested dog breed. They stand out tremendously due to their unique look featuring small, hairless bodies and adorable furry hairdo. Chinese Crested pups, while small in size, are exceptionally lively and energetic. That said, they are happy to be cuddly couch potatoes. Above all, they want to be by your side and they will readily show their owners true companionship.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 11 to 13 inches

    Weight: 8 to 12 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Can be hairless except for the head, tail, and feet or fully coated; small and slender body; spotted pink skin with white, feathery hair

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    A Mexican Hairless dog with black skin, pink ears, and a wrinkly forehead.

    Ирина Мещерякова / Getty Images

    Like other hairless dog breeds, the Xoloitzcuintli, also known as the Xolo, comes in both hairless or coated varieties. Both varieties are exceptionally low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. Xolos are an ancient Aztec breed dating back thousands of years. The breed is prized in Mexico where owners seek them for their top-notch companionship, loyalty, and alertness. Xolo owners note that they make excellent watch dogs. While they can be protective when needed, Xolos are known for their tranquil and calm nature.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 10 to 14 inches (toy); 14 to 18 inches (miniature); 18 to 23 inches (standard)

    Weight: 10 to 15 pounds (toy); 15 to 30 pounds (miniature); 30 to 55 pounds (standard)

    Physical Characteristics: Comes in three sizes; can be completely hairless or have a short, flat coat; muscular, rectangular bodies; wrinkled forehead

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    Peruvian Inca Orchid

    A slightly hairy, but mostly hairless, dog with wrinkled eyes looking to its right.

    manx_in_the_world / Getty Images


    Similar to the Xoloitzcuintli, the Peruvian Inca Orchid comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The breed, also known as the Peruvian Hairless, came to fruition in ancient Peru where they were used as companions. As sighthounds with plenty of endurance, they need lots of exercise to stay happy. Their lean and slender figure reflects their athleticism. While almost all Peruvian Hairless dogs are hairless, there are sometimes exceptions. But coated Peruvian Hairless dogs are definitely the minority. Often used as guard dogs, Peruvian Inca Orchids are alert and vigilant, but also calm and noble when at home.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 9.75 to 15.75 inches (small); 15.75 to 19.75 inches (medium); 19.75 to 25.75 inches (large)

    Weight: 8.5 to 17.5 pounds (small); 17.5 to 26.5 pounds (medium), 26.5 to 55 pounds (large)

    Physical Characteristics: Long, lean body; skin color varies but can include black, brown, gray, pink, tan, and white; lowered tail; rounded muscles; smooth skin

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    Argentine Pila Dog

    argentine pila dog

    Monica E. Cassels / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0


    A close relative to the Peruvian Inca Orchid, the Argentine Pila Dog is a hairless breed prized for their soft skin. The breed comes in three sizes, so potential owners are sure to find the right one for them. Argentine Pila Dogs are affectionate, playful, and very adaptable to new environments. While they are mostly hairless, some Pila Dogs do have small tufts of fur on the top of their heads and on their tails.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 10 to 14 inches (small); 14 to 18 inches (medium); 18 to 25 inches (large)

    Weight: 9 to 18 pounds (small); 18 to 25 pounds (medium), 25 to 55 pounds (large)

    Physical Characteristics: Tail curled forward; relatively short body; pointed ears; narrow muzzle; almond eyes; skin color varies and can include spotted or piebald markings

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    Abyssinian Sand Terrier

    A small hairless dog standing on a cement step in the front of an open wood door.

    LindasPhotography / Getty Images

    If you’re looking for a canine exercise buddy with a quiet and calm temperament, the Abyssinian Sand Terrier is the dog for you. This breed is thought to have originated in Africa, but experts still believe their origins are quite the mystery. They are a relatively rare hairless breed, featuring long bodies and varying skin tones. They keep barking to a minimum, too, and especially love exercising with their owners.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 15.5 to 20.5 inches

    Weight: 21 to 39 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Colors include black, gray, bronze, sand; skin can have mottled markings; hairless except for tufts of hair on head and tail; bat-like ears; long muzzle; sleek body

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    Hairless Khala

    hairless khala

    Pleple2000 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Owning a rare Hairless Khala is like having your own personal protector. Hairless Khalas love their owners, and can be brave in protecting them. Experts believe the breed is indigenous to Latin America. While they come in two different sizes, medium and large, the difference between them is more about body shape than size. The smaller, sometimes referred to as “pottery,” type has shorter legs and is less agile while the larger, sometimes referred to as “gazehound,” type has long legs and a graceful stride. Both have the same loving temperament and are generally healthy.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 14 to 17 inches (medium); 17 to 20 inches (large)

    Weight: 14 to 30 pounds (medium); 18 to 20 pounds (large

    Physical Characteristics: Some are short legged while others have longer legs; agile movements; dark gray skin; tufts of white hair on head

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    Jonangi Dog

    jonangi dog

    Vedichunt / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

    Jonangi Dogs are native to India, where they were bred as hunting and herding dogs. In current times, experts believe the breed is near extinction due to the downfall of the duck hunting industry in the country. Jonangis are wary around strangers, but they are exceptionally friendly around those that they know, including kids and other pets in the home. Jonangis have similar disposition and muscularity to Bull Terriers and they have a distinctive yodel instead of a bark.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 17 to 21 inches

    Weight: 28 to 48 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Colors vary, but can include fawn, black, white, and chocolate; can have piebald markings; pricked ears; curled tail; short muzzle; fox-like features; wrinkled forehead